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Will the IRS Send the Fourth Stimulus Check in December 2023?



Will the IRS Send the Fourth Stimulus Check in December 2023?

Will the IRS Send the Fourth Stimulus Check in December 2023. In March of the previous year, the third round of stimulus checks provided financial relief to Americans during challenging times. If you’ve been wondering about the possibility of a fourth stimulus check in 2023, here’s what you need to know. While a fourth stimulus check is on the horizon, it will be exclusively targeted at residents of specific U.S. states.

Targeted Approach for December 2023 Stimulus Checks

Unlike previous broad pandemic relief efforts, the upcoming December 2023 stimulus checks are more targeted. Whether you receive these stimulus checks or not will depend on your residence. The aim is to help Americans combat rising prices without contributing to further inflation.

Previous Financial Assistance Measures

In addition to stimulus checks, qualifying American families received monthly advance child tax credit payments as part of the American Rescue Plan. Moreover, taxes on the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits earned in 2020 were waived. Stay updated on the latest developments by checking the dedicated page for Stimulus Checks December 2023.

IRS Fourth Stimulus Checks: Current Status

Frequently Asked Questions in 2023

Among the top searches on Google in 2023 was the query regarding the possibility of IRS sending fourth stimulus checks in 2023. It appears that people are anticipating another round of financial assistance. Since 2020, Congress, President Trump, and President Joe Biden have approved three direct-payment stimulus checks.

Details about the Fourth Stimulus Check

As of now, there is no ongoing debate about a fourth direct payment stimulus check. Check the dedicated page for the latest updates on the possibility of fourth stimulus checks in 2023. While there is no official announcement, discussions are underway about extending the monthly advance child tax credit, which was part of previous pandemic-related stimulus measures.

Clarification on Fourth Stimulus Check Distribution

Contrary to expectations, the IRS is not currently sending a fourth stimulus check. During the COVID-19 epidemic, three laws were enacted to provide eligible Americans with stimulus checks. However, recent news suggests that stimulus checks will be distributed to residents in specific states. For the latest information, visit the page on whether fourth stimulus checks are coming.

How to Claim Stimulus Checks If Not Received

Important Reminders

For those who did not receive one or more of the previous stimulus payments, reminders are available. To be eligible for a missing stimulus payment, taxpayers must file a tax return for 2020, 2021, or both, and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit. The deadline for submitting a 2020 claim is typically May 17, 2024, and April 15, 2025, for a 2021 claim.

Confirmation of Fourth Stimulus Checks

Yes, fourth stimulus checks are coming, with the latest updates available for 2023. However, the distribution of these checks varies by state, unlike the previous three, which were provided directly by the federal government. The American Rescue Plan allocated funds to each state for economic recovery, and states have until the end of 2024 to distribute and spend this money, with a deadline of the end of 2026 for its use.


While a fourth stimulus check is not currently in progress, targeted financial relief measures are underway for specific states. Stay informed on the latest developments to ensure you don’t miss updates on potential stimulus checks in December 2023.

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