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Why UNISA Is Withholding Exam Results



Why UNISA Is Withholding Exam Results

Why UNISA Is Withholding Exam Results. Many students who took part in the 2023 Unisa examinations are facing the possibility of not receiving their results. The university has clarified the reasons behind the withholding of students’ results.

UNISA Proctoring Tools Requirement

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has explicitly informed students that failure to utilize proctoring tools during exams will result in the withholding of their examination results. This decision is primarily linked to students exceeding the time-out threshold set by the university.

UNISA Time-Out Threshold

Unisa has established that exam results will be withheld if a student is identified to have been outside the Invigilator App for more than 10 minutes during their examination. The university considers a cumulative total of 10 minutes outside the Invigilator App as a breach of its examination rules.

Use of Proctoring UNISA Tools

To ensure the integrity of examinations, Unisa employs proctoring tools—online invigilating tools requiring a connection to a smartphone, laptop, or desktop with a functional camera. All students are mandated to use these tools while taking their exams.

UNISA Violation of Rules and Result Withholding

Despite clear instructions, some students exited or minimized the Invigilator App for a period exceeding 10 minutes during their assessment, thus violating the mandatory usage of the app. Consequently, the university has withheld the marks of these students.

UNISA Consequences for Students

First-time writing students found out of the Invigilator App for over 10 minutes have had their marks withheld but are given the option to rewrite during the next module examination sitting. Second-time writing students, on the other hand, will have their marks withheld and must re-register for the respective module(s). Students dissatisfied with the university’s decision have the opportunity to appeal through a provided form.

Importance of Adhering to UNISA Rules

Unisa emphasizes the importance of adhering to these rules, which are in place to uphold the credibility of their examinations and qualifications. The university stresses that all inquiries related to invigilation should be directed to [email protected].


In conclusion, Unisa calls on students to adhere to the examination rules to maintain the credibility of examinations and qualifications. The university’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the examination process is reflected in the strict enforcement of these rules.

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