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Who Will Receive Their SNAP Payment This Week in Texas?



Who Will Receive Their SNAP Payment This Week in Texas?

Who Will Receive Their SNAP Payment This Week in Texas? The Special Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, plays a crucial role in supporting low-income individuals and families in Texas by facilitating access to essential food items for their well-being.

Benefit Administration in Texas

Administered by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), SNAP benefits are designed to assist individuals and families who meet specific eligibility criteria set by the program. The HHSC ensures continued support by sending out renewal applications before the end of each benefit period.

Lone Star Card and Monthly Deposits

Benefits are provided through the Lone Star Card, functioning like a regular debit or credit card. The approved SNAP amount is deposited into the card account monthly, streamlining the process of purchasing food for eligible recipients.

SNAP Payment Distribution

SNAP benefits in Texas follow a staggered distribution schedule, determined by the last two digits of the recipient’s Eligibility Determination Group (EDG) number. The HHSC issues benefits from the 1st to the 28th of each month, providing recipients with a consistent schedule for nutritional assistance.

  • 00-03, day 1
  • 04-06, day 2
  • 07-10, day 3
  • 11-13, day 4
  • 14-17, day 5
  • 18-20, day 6
  • 21-24, day 7
  • 25-27, day 8
  • 28-31, day 9
  • 32-34, day 10
  • 35-38, day 11
  • 39-41, day 12
  • 42-45, day 13
  • 46-49, day 14
  • 50-53, day 15
  • 54-57, day 16
  • 58-60, day 17
  • 61-64, day 18
  • 65-67, day 19
  • 68-71, day 20
  • 72-74, day 21
  • 75-78, day 22
  • 79-81, day 23
  • 82-85, day 24
  • 86-88, day 25
  • 89-92, day 26
  • 93-95, day 27
  • 96-99, day 28

To find out when you’ll receive your SNAP benefits this week, refer to your EDG number and the HHSC’s distribution schedule for effective budgeting and grocery planning.

Duration of SNAP Eligibility

It is crucial for recipients to understand the duration of their SNAP eligibility. While most benefit periods last for six months in Texas, individual circumstances can lead to variations, ranging from one month to three years.


SNAP in Texas serves as a vital temporary support system, emphasizing its role in times of need. Recipients are encouraged towards self-sufficiency in the long term. Staying informed about benefit distribution schedules and eligibility periods empowers individuals and families to make effective use of this crucial assistance program. By being aware of who will receive their SNAP payments this week and understanding the duration of eligibility, recipients can better navigate the program, ensuring consistent access to essential nutritional support.

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