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What Can I Study With 16 Points At UNISA?



What Can I Study With 16 Points At UNISA?

What Can I Study With 16 Points At UNISA? Achieving academic success is a commendable feat, but it’s also essential to know what opportunities lie ahead with your current qualifications. If you’ve earned 16 points at the University of South Africa (UNISA), you’re likely wondering about your study options and how to make the most of your academic journey.

Understanding The Points System at UNISA

Before delving into specific study options, it’s crucial to understand UNISA’s points system and how it relates to your academic pursuits. UNISA assigns points to various qualifications, with each module or course contributing a certain number of points towards your overall qualification. These points play a significant role in determining your eligibility for further study programs and courses at the university.

What Can I Study With 16 Points At UNISA?

With 16 points at UNISA, you have several study options available across different fields of interest. Here are some pathways you can consider:

Higher Certificate (HC) in Education

For those passionate about shaping young minds and making a difference in education, the Higher Certificate in Education program at UNISA could be an ideal choice. This program provides foundational knowledge and skills essential for entry-level positions in the field of education. Whether you aspire to become a teacher, educational administrator, or work in educational support roles, this HC program lays a solid groundwork for your future endeavors.

Higher Certificate (HC) in Law

Are you intrigued by the intricacies of the legal system and eager to explore the principles of law? The Higher Certificate in Law program at UNISA offers an excellent opportunity to embark on your journey into the legal field. This program introduces students to fundamental legal concepts, principles, and practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework. Graduates of this program can pursue various career paths in law enforcement, legal administration, paralegal roles, and more.

Higher Certificate (HC) in Social Auxiliary Work

If you have a passion for helping others and making a positive impact on society, consider enrolling in the Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work program at UNISA. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide essential social support services to individuals and communities in need. From counseling and advocacy to community development and social welfare, graduates of this HC program can pursue fulfilling careers in social work, welfare organizations, NGOs, and government agencies.


Earning 16 points at UNISA opens doors to a variety of study options and opportunities for academic and professional growth. Whether you’re interested in certificate programs, diploma courses, or eventually pursuing a bachelor’s degree, UNISA provides a supportive environment for learners to achieve their educational goals. By exploring your study options thoughtfully and leveraging the resources available at UNISA, you can embark on a rewarding academic journey that aligns with your interests, aspirations, and future ambitions.

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