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UNSIA Launches Space Startups Scaleup Pathway



UNSIA Launches Space Startups Scaleup Pathway

UNSIA Launches Space Startups Scaleup Pathway. The University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre (ICC) and Australian Centre for Business Growth (AuCBG) have collaborated to introduce a groundbreaking initiative for space startups in Australia. This program not only offers a fully funded scale-up pathway but also includes a generous $10,000 equity-free acceleration stipend. Backed by funding from the South Australian Government, the initiative aims to enhance the commercial viability of space companies, propelling them to new heights.

Benefits of UNISA New Acceleration Program:

1. Fully Funded Scale-Up Pathway:

  • The program offers a comprehensive scale-up pathway for companies graduating from the ICC’s six-month Venture Catalyst Space accelerator program.
  • Eligible space companies can apply for the AuCBG’s six-month Growth Ramp scale-up program, providing them with the necessary resources and support to take their business to the next level.

2. Amplified Commercial Viability:

  • The initiative significantly amplifies the commercial viability of companies and their technology upon exiting the Venture Catalyst Space accelerator program.
  • This is crucial for the companies shaping the future of the space economy by bringing innovative technologies to life.

3. Support for Scaling Operations:

  • The addition of access to UNISA Growth Ramp program ensures that businesses can scale up their operations, a key activity for the maturation of the space ecosystem.
  • The tailored support includes equity-free funding, industry mentorship, business development assistance, access to university resources, and integration into a vibrant startup community.

UNISA Impact on the Space Ecosystem

Since its inception in 2018, the Venture Catalyst Space program has supported 36 space startups, collectively raising more than $31 million in additional investment and creating over 220 new space jobs. The program’s success lies in its tailored approach, focusing on developing commercial space ventures through equity-free funding, mentorship, business development, and community support.

A Game-Changer for Space Startups

ICC Deputy Director Craig Jones emphasizes that the Growth Ramp program is a game-changer, providing space companies with a clear pathway to transform into scalable and thriving businesses. As Australia’s space industry continues to grow, the demand for timely and tailored support for emerging businesses becomes increasingly crucial.

Director Perspective

AuCBG Director Ryan Williams, with international business venture experience, expresses excitement about working with CEO through Growth Ramp. He sees Adelaide as primed for success and emphasizes the importance of skills related to planning, organizational design, financing growth, managing people, sales and marketing, and developing processes during the scale-up phase.

Testimonial and Real-world Impact

Current Venture Catalyst Space participant AICRAFT CEO Tony Scoleri highlights the significance of the scale-up program, especially for attracting potential investors. The ability to consolidate and discover the best ways to scale up operations is crucial for companies at this stage of their journey. AICRAFT’s recent collaboration with program alumni ResearchSat underscores the practical impact of the initiative.


The UNISA Acceleration Program is a transformative opportunity for Australian space startups. The combination of the Venture Catalyst Space accelerator and Growth Ramp scale-up programs, along with government support, positions South Australia as a hub for space innovation. The success stories of program alumni, coupled with ongoing applications for the 2024 Venture Catalyst Space program, highlight the program continuous commitment to fostering the growth of the space ecosystem in Australia.

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