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United States Stimulus Check Payment of over $1,300



United States Stimulus Check Payment of over $1,300

United States stimulus check payment of over $1,300 . In a welcome development for eligible beneficiaries, a stimulus check payment exceeding $1,300 is set to make its way to deserving Americans in the state of Alaska. If you fall within the criteria, you can anticipate a one-time payment arriving in mid-July, precisely on July 14.

Notably, this payment is made possible through the Permanent Fund Dividend, and for those who have recently cashed their checks on November 16, it’s a timely financial boost.

Exclusive to Alaska The $1,312 Stimulus Check

This substantial stimulus check, totaling $1,312, is exclusive to residents of Alaska, courtesy of the Permanent Fund Dividend. It’s important to note that prior application is a prerequisite for receiving this financial aid, and those eligible for the current round can look forward to applying for a new check in 2024.

Check Your Status and Collect on July 14, 2024

For those who applied for the 2024 PFD stimulus check and are yet to receive their funds, checking your status on July 6 is crucial. If your status reads “eligible-not paid,” you can expect your payment to be processed and deposited into your account on July 14, 2024.

Application Window for 2024 Stimulus Check in Alaska

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to apply for a stimulus check in Alaska, mark your calendar. The application window, according to the Permanent Fund Dividend website, opens annually from January 1st through March 31. Therefore, your chance to apply for a new payment will commence on January 1, 2024. Be prepared to file your application online, starting at 9:00 AM on the specified date, via the PFD home page’s application portal.

Navigating the Application Process

Administered by the Department of Revenue in Alaska, the Permanent Fund Dividend requires individual applications for each eligible person. Even if you have qualifying children, a separate application for each is necessary. Fortunately, the application process can be conveniently completed online, streamlining the submission of multiple applications.

What If You Miss the July 14 Stimulus Check?

For those who may not qualify for the July 14 stimulus check payment, there’s still hope. The PFD website outlines another payment scheduled for January 18, 2024. If this is your first time exploring this avenue for financial assistance, it’s essential to be aware of the additional opportunities available.

Beyond Alaska Exploring Other Financial Avenues

It’s worth noting that apart from the PFD payment in Alaska, other states are also extending financial relief programs. For instance, residents of Washington can apply for the Working Families Tax Credit, with the refund amount contingent on the number of qualifying children. The stimulus checks range from $300 for individuals without qualifying children to $1,200 for families with three or more qualifying children.


Understanding the intricacies of stimulus check programs, their eligibility criteria, and application processes can open up valuable financial avenues for individuals and families. Stay informed, check your eligibility, and ensure you make the most of available opportunities for financial assistance.

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