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UNISA Will Pay NSFAS Allowances Soon



UNISA Will Pay NSFAS Allowances Soon

UNISA Will Pay NSFAS Allowances Soon. Thousands of students enrolled at UNISA are eagerly awaiting their first 2024 NSFAS allowance payment. Fortunately, the wait is finally coming to an end as the country’s largest university has disclosed the schedule for disbursing these vital funds.

UNISA Announces Payment Dates

The University of South Africa (UNISA) made a significant announcement this week regarding the disbursement of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) allowances for students. According to the latest update, the process of distributing allowances will commence today, with the disbursement starting on 19th March 2024.

Relief for NSFAS-Funded Students

This news serves as a beacon of hope for NSFAS-funded students at UNISA, who have been patiently awaiting their February 2024 funds. UNISA assures its NSFAS students that they can anticipate receiving remittance advice via email, providing confirmation of the allowance amount. The actual allowances are expected to follow suit within 48 hours.

Importance of Accurate Bank Details

UNISA underscores the critical importance of maintaining accurate bank details on record to facilitate the timely receipt of NSFAS allowances. All eligible students are strongly advised to verify and update their banking information via the link provided on their myUnisa account to ensure seamless payment processing.

UNISA Discredits Misleading Information

Addressing a concerning issue, UNISA has debunked a misleading social media post circulating false claims regarding NSFAS allowances. The university categorically dismissed the post as “bogus” and clarified that its contents are entirely fabricated. Students are encouraged to rely solely on official university communication channels for credible updates on NSFAS allowances.

NSFAS Allowances Breakdown

For students enrolled in distance learning programs, such as those offered by UNISA, NSFAS funding is calculated based on their registered courses. Students can anticipate receiving up to R5,460 for learning materials, along with an additional R3,045 for personal expenses if enrolled full-time (with a minimum of 120 credits).

Anticipated Payment Changes

While UNISA facilitates the distribution of February and March allowances, NSFAS is preparing to transition back to direct payments starting in April 2024. To facilitate this transition, students will need to register with the direct payment service providers previously assigned to their respective institutions.


The announcement of NSFAS allowance disbursement by UNISA brings hope to thousands of students eagerly awaiting financial support. With clear communication and steps to ensure timely payments, UNISA is addressing student concerns and facilitating their academic journeys effectively.

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