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UNISA Under Threat SASCO Raises Concerns Amid Final Exams



UNISA Under Threat SASCO Raises Concerns Amid Final Exams

UNISA Under Threat SASCO Raises Concerns Amid Final Exams. The South African Students Congress (SASCO) has expressed its concerns about the potential impact of recent developments at UNISA on students as they commence their final semester examinations. The situation at the university has raised anxieties among the student body.

Court Interdict Halts Minister Move

The High Court in Pretoria has issued an interdict preventing Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande from placing the university under administration. Minister Nzimande was scheduled to hold a media briefing to announce the fate of the embattled institution.

Financial and Administrative Concerns Emerge

The backdrop to this legal battle is an independent assessor’s report that has unveiled significant financial and maladministration issues within UNISA. The report also highlighted attempts to undermine the effective functioning of the university.

Premature Ministerial Action

SASCO has criticized Minister Nzimande actions as premature and concerning. The organization finds it troubling that the minister seems eager to take measures that could jeopardize the institution without adequately considering the implications of placing a university of UNISA’s scale under administration. Such a move could have far-reaching financial consequences and cause considerable anxiety, particularly at a time when students are in the midst of writing their exams.


Inga Ketwa of SASCO stated, “We were quite intrigued and shocked by the minister’s action and eagerness to put a university like UNISA under administration without considering the court of law judgment that was presented on the 24th of August.”

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