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UNISA Students Registration Won’t Be Blocked By NSRC



UNISA Students Registration Won't Be Blocked By NSRC

UNISA Students Registration Won’t Be Blocked By NSRC. In preparation for the 2024 academic year, UNISA students can breathe a sigh of relief as the National Student Representative Council (NSRC) reassures that no barriers will hinder their registration process. This announcement comes amidst concerns over administrative challenges and funding issues.

NSRC Assurance

The NSRC, in collaboration with university management, has vowed to address student concerns to ensure seamless registration and access to education. They emphasize that no student will be left behind due to administrative hurdles or NSFAS-related issues.

Extended Registration

UNISA initially opened registration on January 10, with a deadline of February 13. Recognizing the need for flexibility, the university extended registration deadlines for semester modules to February 16 and year modules to March 22. This extension aims to accommodate students facing administrative challenges.

Acknowledgement Of Debt Applications

To assist students with historical debt, UNISA encourages them to apply for an acknowledgement of debt (AOD) application. Immediate approval is granted for debts up to R2000, with further consideration for higher amounts. This initiative aims to facilitate registration for self-paying students.

NSFAS Funding Challenges

Delays in NSFAS funding decisions often impede registration for many students. The NSRC highlights the declining effectiveness of the funding scheme and urges UNISA to prioritize the registration of previously funded students. Students are urged to promptly respond to study offers and complete necessary exams to expedite the process.

Student Support

In the event of administrative issues, students are encouraged to seek assistance at UNISA campuses or centers. The NSRC reaffirms their commitment to ensuring every student can embark on their academic journey without unnecessary obstacles.


With the NSRC’s assurance and UNISA’s proactive measures, students can register for the 2024 academic year with confidence. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to providing accessible education for all, regardless of socioeconomic status. UNISA students can expect a supportive environment as they embark on their educational endeavors.

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