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UNISA Staff Should Not Work From Home Say Students



UNISA Staff Should Not Work From Home Say Students

UNISA Staff Should Not Work From Home Say Students. In a recent development at the University of South Africa (UNISA), student representatives have taken a stand against proposals from labour unions advocating for staff to transition to remote work.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Student Representative Council (NSRC) at UNISA asserts the importance of face-to-face interaction and on-campus resources in ensuring the academic success of students.

NSRC Firm Rejection

The NSRC’s rejection of the labour unions’ proposal comes as a response to UNISA¬†significant shift towards remote work during the pandemic. While acknowledging the necessity of this transition, the NSRC highlights a concerning decline in student support services. Numerous student grievances regarding delayed responses to queries and a lack of engagement from staff have been raised, tarnishing the institution’s public image.

Importance of Face-to-Face Interaction

According to the NSRC, face-to-face interaction is crucial for promptly and effectively addressing student queries. They argue that physical presence on campus enables students to access necessary support for their academic journeys.

This sentiment is echoed by students who rely on on-campus facilities such as libraries, labs, and seminar rooms for vital resources and support services.

Labelling the Demands as Selfish

Labelling the labour unions’ calls as selfish and inconsiderate, the NSRC asserts that the demand for remote work lacks scientific rationale and undermines the university’s core mission.

They emphasize the importance of prioritizing teaching, learning, and nurturing future leaders over remote work arrangements.

Urging Students To Utilize On-Campus Facilities

In response to the situation, the NSRC urges students to make full use of on-campus facilities and services to enhance their academic experiences.

They emphasize the need for students across all regions to engage with on-campus resources and support services for a successful academic journey.

A Call For Collaboration

As the National SRC, the NSRC calls on both students and labour unions to prioritize the needs of students and refrain from actions that may hinder productivity and support. They advocate for a collaborative approach that ensures the best interests of the student body are upheld.


The stance taken by student representatives at UNISA highlights the importance of maintaining on-campus resources and face-to-face interaction in the academic success of students. It calls for a reevaluation of remote work proposals to ensure that students’ needs are adequately addressed and supported.

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