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UNISA Short Courses In Teaching



UNISA Short Courses In Teaching

UNISA Short Courses In Teaching. Recognizing this need, the University of South Africa (UNISA) offers a diverse range of short courses in teaching. These courses not only enhance educators’ skills but also empower them to adapt to the evolving needs of students and educational institutions.

UNISA Short Courses

UNISA, a reputable institution known for its commitment to academic excellence, provides short courses tailored to meet the professional development needs of educators across various fields. These short courses are designed to offer practical insights, innovative strategies, and hands-on experiences that enrich teaching practices.

List For UNISA Short Courses In Teaching

Accounting Sciences

  • Accounting for School Governance (72192)
  • Administration of Estates (70874)
  • Fundamental Accounting (70866)
  • Practical Bookkeeping (70904)
  • Taxation (70971)
  • Value Added Tax (70912)

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  • Laboratory Animal Technology Practice, and Pharmacology and Jurisprudence (77077)
  • Developing Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices (77098)

Economic and Management Sciences

  • Basic Psychology for Shop Stewards (77129).
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Ethics (77010).
  • Explosive Product Assurance (76833).
  • Fundamentals of Banking and Risk Management (72176).
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management (77047).

Human Sciences

  • Acient Greek (77004)
  • African Christian Leadership (71715)
  • Biblical Studies for Christian Leaders (71716)
  • Course in Correctional Ministry (71717)
  • Course in Court Interpreting (76733)
  • Foundation Music Theory (76998)
  • HIV and AIDS and Spiritual Care (71718)
  • Human and Environmental Issues (71719)
  • Ministry and Community Service (71720)
  • Teaching Biblical Studies (71723)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (71987)

College of Law

  • Agricultural and Food Law of South Africa (77076)
  • Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation (7246X)
  • Corporate Law (76917)
  • Deceased Estates Practice (76252)
  • Law for the Music Industry (77035)
  • Practical Labour Law (72710)
  • Practical Research Skills for Legal Professionals (77131)
  • Security Practice (72486)
  • The Introduction to Corporate Governance (71978)

Engineering And Technology

  • I-SET Robotics Components and Pedagogy (76820)
  • I-SET Robotics Fundamentals (77067)
  • I-SET Robotics Problem-solving, Data and Debugging (76984)
  • I-SET Robotics for the Future (77068)

Benefits Of UNISA Short Courses

  1. Flexible Learning: UNISA short courses are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of educators. With flexible learning options, including online modules and part-time classes, educators can seamlessly integrate professional development into their routine.
  2. Specialized Expertise: From early childhood education to adult learning principles, UNISA short courses cover a broad spectrum of educational domains. Participants have the opportunity to delve deep into specialized areas, gaining expertise that is directly applicable to their teaching contexts.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in UNISA short courses opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Educators interact with peers, industry experts, and facilitators, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas that enrich their professional journey.
  4. Enhanced Career Prospects: Completion of UNISA short courses enhances educators’ credentials, making them more competitive in the job market. Whether aiming for career advancement or seeking new opportunities, the skills acquired through these courses serve as a valuable asset.


UNISA short courses in teaching serve as catalysts for professional growth and innovation in education. By offering flexible learning options, specialized expertise, and networking opportunities, these courses empower educators to thrive in today’s educational landscape. Whether honing foundational skills or exploring emerging trends, UNISA short courses equip educators with the tools they need to inspire and engage learners effectively. Embrace the opportunities unlocked by UNISA short courses and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and professional excellence.

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