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UNISA Reveals When They Will Withhold Exam Results



UNISA Reveals When They Will Withhold Exam Results

UNISA Reveals When They Will Withhold Exam Results. The University of South Africa (UNISA), the country’s largest university, has recently introduced comprehensive guidelines for students to navigate the potential withholding of exam results. Understanding these guidelines is crucial for students to ensure a smooth release of their marks.

Why UNISA Withholds Results

Failure To Use Proctoring Tools

One of the key reasons UNISA may withhold results is the failure of students to utilize prescribed proctoring tools. These tools are essential for maintaining exam integrity and require a proper setup on devices such as smartphones, laptops, or desktops equipped with a functional camera. All students are mandated to use these tools during their exams to avoid result withholding.

Not Submitting Invigilation Results:

Marks may be withheld if students neglect to upload invigilation or proctoring results within 48 hours. Ignoring notifications for Invigilator App reminders can also lead to withheld results. Timely submission of Invigilator proctoring results and setting notification preferences on the app are crucial steps for students.

Exiting Invigilator Application And Using Mobile Phones:

Result withholding is a consequence if students exit or minimize the Invigilator App for a cumulative 10 minutes, engage in non-exam-related phone activities, or fail to activate flight mode during invigilation. Any phone activities during the examination session, such as calls, messaging, internet browsing, or social media engagement, will result in flagged status and withheld marks.

Providing Unrecognizable Proctoring Images

Students risk withheld marks by submitting proctoring images that are unrecognizable or failing to provide typed responses for Turnitin-elected modules. UNISA prohibits scanned handwritten or typed scripts. Images that are unclear, obscured, faint, or lack a full facial representation during examination sessions will lead to withheld marks.

Listening To Music Or Utilizing Audio-To-Text Software

Without proper declaration, listening to audio or utilizing audio-to-text software during examination sessions may result in withheld marks.

Disciplinary Action

Additionally, UNISA emphasizes that students identified for disciplinary action due to academic misconduct during examinations will also have their marks withheld.


Understanding and adhering to these guidelines is crucial for students to avoid any complications with the release of their exam results. Proactive adherence to proctoring protocols and timely submission of required materials are essential steps to ensure a smooth academic assessment process at UNISA.

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