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UNISA LLB Modules 2023



UNISA LLB Modules 2023

UNISA offers an LLB degree consisting of 40 modules, 37 of which are mandatory and three are optional. A student enrolled in ILW 1500 or SCL 1500 in their first year of law school must take Introduction to Law (ILW 1501) and Skills Course for Law Students (SCL 1501). In the following table, you will find the rules in effect from 2018 onward, sorted by NQF rank. There is a four-year minimum term requirement. Modules for UNISA’s LLB program in 2023

Providing employers, professional associations, curriculum creators, learning program suppliers, education and training organizations, accreditation bodies, moderators, and accrediting bodies with an understanding of the factors that affect the nature and degree of the UNISA LLB qualification is the purpose of this generic LLB certification. A generic product is not the same as a common product. A generic program is one that does not implement a fixed program (content), but instead defines and evaluates outcomes in an abstract manner .UNISA LLB

LLB degrees are not to be made the same through this certification; rather, it is to provide a context through which providers can be creative and stakeholder-driven. Among the qualification’s other objectives are to provide law graduates with a comprehensive understanding of concepts and principles as well as a systematic and consistent body of information. As well as the ability to solve problems and implement principles, the candidate should possess strong cognitive skills and generic abilities, as well as writing and speaking skills, numeracy, and computer literacy, as well as skills in applying knowledge. Modules for the UNISA LLB 2023

In order to prepare law graduates for lifelong academic development, including postgraduate research, we want to provide them with a breadth of knowledge and skills. In order to facilitate the administration of justice and the establishment of legal institutions in South Africa by providing suitably trained law graduates with initiative, accountability, and the necessary ethical principles. A just society based on representative government, rule of law, and international law can be realized by bringing lawyers into the South African population. UNISA LLB

Who is eligible to register for 2023?

  • UNISA must confirm the approval of an applicant’s admission application before allowing them to register. A qualification may be revoked if Unisa discovers that you were wrongly admitted. Alternate qualifications are not guaranteed. Admissions criteria and accommodation availability determine whether you can attend.
  • Registration will be open until the enrollment period begins for the 2023 academic year.

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