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UNISA Investigates Another Cheating Scandal



UNISA Investigates Another Cheating Scandal

UNISA Investigates Another Cheating Scandal. In a recent revelation, the University of South Africa (UNISA) has found itself embroiled in yet another cheating scandal. This development comes on the heels of an investigation launched by the institution after eNCA reported widespread plagiarism among its student body, with suspicions of copying and cheating detected through UNISA’s online testing system.

Alarming Numbers

According to reports, UNISA’s online platform has flagged an alarming number of potential plagiarism instances during tests, tallying up to more than 15,000 cases. This discovery has prompted swift action from the university to address the issue effectively.

Impact on Students

The gravity of the situation is not lost on the students, as one individual shared with eNCA how the investigation against them had significantly impacted their morale. Additionally, the UNISA Student Representative Council (SRC) has acknowledged that some students may indeed be guilty of academic misconduct.

A Recurring Issue

This is not the first instance of such misconduct within UNISA academic sphere. Similar concerns were raised last December, with students voicing their frustrations over the university’s invigilator app.

The app, designed to monitor exams remotely, has faced criticism for its perceived inconsistencies and shortcomings.

Unfair Results

Students have recounted instances where despite adhering to exam protocols and utilizing the invigilator app as instructed, their results were unfairly withheld or marked as zero. Such occurrences have added fuel to the fire of discontent among the student body.

UNISA Response

UNISA has vowed to tackle unethical behavior head-on during assessments, emphasizing the importance of upholding academic integrity. The institution views these incidents as detrimental to its longstanding reputation and as unjustly undermining the hard work of honest students.

Transition To Online Exams

The transition from venue-based to online exams has brought with it a surge in cheating and plagiarism cases, posing significant challenges for academic institutions worldwide. UNISA, like many others, grapples with the task of ensuring exam integrity in a virtual environment.

Clear Communication

UNISA has reiterated that the rules governing the use of its online system, including the invigilator app, were communicated clearly to all students before exams commenced. The university emphasizes the necessity of these measures to safeguard the credibility of its examinations and maintain the integrity of its qualifications.

Efforts to obtain further comments from UNISA regarding the ongoing investigation were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article. However, the university remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding academic standards and ensuring a fair and transparent assessment process for all students.


UNISA recent plagiarism scandal underscores the challenges faced by institutions in maintaining academic integrity amidst the shift to online assessments. With swift action and clear communication, UNISA strives to uphold standards and address misconduct, reaffirming its dedication to fair evaluation practices.

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