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UNISA Diploma in Law Application 2024



UNISA Diploma in Law Application 2024

UNISA Diploma in Law Application 2024. If you’re interested in pursuing legal studies at UNISA, the College of Law offers a comprehensive range of courses through various reputable centers. These include the School of Law and Criminal Justice, the Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa, the Centre for Basic Legal Education, and the Centers for Business Law, Criminological Sciences, Foreign and Comparative Law. Notably, the VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies is also an integral part of the college.

Law Courses Offered at UNISA for 2023-2024

For those aspiring to undertake honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas, it’s crucial to align your chosen qualification with the major subjects in your undergraduate studies. Before submitting your application for the 2020 academic year, ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements for your preferred qualification, including the required percentage in the major subject.

Here’s a glimpse of some Master of Laws programs offered by UNISA:

  1. Master of Laws Constitutional and International Law (98604 – CIL)
  2. Master of Laws Jurisprudence (98604 – JUR)
  3. Master of Laws Mercantile Law (98604 – MCL)
  4. Master of Laws in Banking Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90052 – N17)
  5. Master of Laws in Corporate Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90046 – N17)
  6. Master of Laws in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (Option 1-Coursework) (90087 – OP1)
  7. Master of Laws in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (Option 2 – Full Research) (90087 – OP2)
  8. Master of Laws in Family Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90047 – N17)
  9. Master of Laws in Human Rights Law (Coursework) (98621)
  10. Master of Laws in Insurance Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90048 – N17)
  11. Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law (Coursework) (98622)
  12. Master of Laws in International Economic Law (Coursework) (98623)
  13. Master of Laws in Labour Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90054 – N17)
  14. Master of Laws in Private Law (Full Dissertation) (90056)
  15. Master of Laws in Property Law (Coursework) Curriculum 2017 (90055 – N17)
  16. Master of Laws in Tax Law (Coursework) (98624)

Application and Enquiries

For undergraduate enquiries, reach out to [email protected], while postgraduate enquiries can be directed to [email protected]. Any general student enquiries, testimonials, or reference letters can be sent to [email protected]. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the diverse and enriching legal programs at UNISA.


Embark on a legal journey with UNISA diverse Master of Laws programs. Tailor your academic path, meeting rigorous standards. For inquiries and applications, connect with the college at [email protected] and [email protected]. Unlock your legal potential today.

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