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Unisa Crucial Dates and Timelines for October/November 2023 Examinations



Unisa Crucial Dates and Timelines for October/November 2023 Examinations

Unisa Crucial Dates and Timelines for October/November 2023 Examinations. As the 2023 academic year approaches its conclusion, the University of South Africa (Unisa) is keen to keep students informed about crucial dates related to the upcoming October/November exams. Here are the key dates and activities you need to mark on your calendar:

Publication of the October/November 2023 Provisional Timetable

Release Date: Wednesday, 6th September 2023

On this day, Unisa will unveil the provisional timetable for the October/November 2023 examinations. You can access this timetable through the Unisa Examination Timetable Tool on the official university website.

Submission Deadline for 1st Compulsory Assignments for Examination Admission

Deadline: Sunday, 13th September 2023

For modules with scheduled examinations, students must meet their module-specific examination admission criteria by this date. These criteria encompass assignment submission, with students having three options:

  1. Submitting any one assignment.
  2. Submitting a minimum number of assignments.
  3. Achieving a minimum formative mark.

Failure to meet these criteria, as outlined in the module assessment plan, will result in non-admission to the respective module’s examinations.

Admission to Examinations

Admission Letters Sent on – Friday, 15th September 2023

On this day, Unisa will dispatch admission letters to students, specifying the precise dates and times of their module examination sessions. This step is aimed at providing students with ample time to prepare effectively.

It is essential for students registered for modules with various assessment methods, such as continuous assessments, portfolios, and practicals, to carefully review the “module arrangements” detailed in their admission letters. Additionally, these students are advised to consult their module sites (myModules) for information regarding assessment due dates.

These outlined activities are designed to streamline the examination process, ensuring that all students have an equitable opportunity to excel academically. Unisa remains committed to maintaining a fair and transparent assessment system, as reflected in these important dates, allowing students to comprehend and fulfill the necessary requirements for examination admission.

Active Engagement with myModules

Unisa encourages all students to actively engage with their module sites (myModules) to access comprehensive assessment plans, due dates, and any additional instructions pertaining to their individual modules. Stay informed and prepared for a successful examination season.

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