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UNISA Alumni Empowered to Strengthen Postgraduate Education



UNISA Alumni Empowered to Strengthen Postgraduate Education

UNISA Alumni Empowered to Strengthen Postgraduate Education. The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) offered Unisa’s alumni a comprehensive supervisory training program as part of a remarkable initiative.

During the project, the university aimed at increasing postgraduate student enrollment and improving the quality of education.

UNISA Alumni Empowered to Strengthen Postgraduate Education

First cohort of alumni who completed the training have recently been certified, indicating the success of this initiative.

Introducing the first cohort

More than 200 alumni and several other participants who completed supervisory training successfully received certificates from Unisa earlier this year. They now possess the necessary skills and knowledge to supervise postgraduate students at the PhD and master’s levels.

The university is committed to providing its students with a robust academic environment, and this achievement marks a significant milestone toward that goal.

Taking the next step

Unisa’s Alumni Relations Office, CGS, and the colleges will collaborate on the next phase of the journey. We will present the trained alumni supervisors to the colleges, where they will be strategically deployed based on their expertise and the university’s needs.

Both the institution and the students will benefit from this placement since it maximizes the supervisory talent pool.

Sustainability contribution

Unisa alumni have contributed to the sustainability of the university in many ways, including the supervisory training programme. It is evident that they are committed to giving back to their alma mater and education through their involvement in a variety of projects and initiatives.

Participating in these initiatives helps shape Unisa’s future and support its mission of providing quality education by playing an immeasurable role. Join the initiative if you are an alumni.

We invite you to contact [email protected] if you would like more information or would like to participate in the 2023 supervisory training programme cohort.

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