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UNISA Administrator Appointment is Welcomed By DA



UNISA Administrator Appointment is Welcomed By DA

UNISA Administrator Appointment is Welcomed By DA. The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the crucial and much-anticipated appointment of an administrator at the beleaguered University of South Africa (UNISA). As a prominent institution with a significant impact on higher education, UNISA recent challenges have underscored the need for effective governance and administrative reforms. In this light, the DA expresses its optimism in the capabilities of Prof Ihron Rensburg to address the institutional issues at hand.

Addressing the Urgency

Despite a court interdict delaying the placement of UNISA under administration pending court proceedings, the DA contends that the institution cannot afford to be ensnared in prolonged legal battles. With preparations underway for the 2024 academic year, the party emphasizes that the academic program should not be jeopardized by internal disputes among UNISA executives and staff.

Governance Issues Highlighted

The independent assessment conducted by Prof Themba Mosia revealed the extent of governance instability within UNISA. A culture of bullying, intimidation, and fear has eroded social cohesion, leading to irrational decisions by the executive and subsequent maladministration and financial irregularities. The DA underscores the gravity of these findings, emphasizing the need for thorough investigations and consequences for those responsible.

Call for Accountability

Prof Rensburg is urged to consider Prof Mosia’s report and recommend to Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande that appropriate consequence management be taken against UNISA Vice Chancellor, Prof Puleng LenkaBula, and her executive. The DA believes that accountability is paramount in restoring public trust in the university’s leadership.

Legislative Reforms

In addition to addressing internal issues, the DA calls on Minister Nzimande to amend the Higher Education Act. The party advocates for higher education institutions to be subjected to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), ensuring greater financial transparency and accountability.

Wishing Success to Prof Rensburg

Recognizing the monumental task ahead, the DA extends its best wishes to Prof Ihron Rensburg as he takes on the responsibility of steering UNISA towards recovery. The party remains hopeful that his expertise and commitment will contribute to the university’s resurgence as a leading institution of higher learning in South Africa.


The DA applauds the appointment of Prof Ihron Rensburg at UNISA, hoping for swift reforms to address governance challenges. The party urges accountability, legislative amendments, and wishes Prof Rensburg success in restoring UNISA’s reputation as a beacon of academic excellence.

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