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UNISA 2024 Applications Now Open



UNISA 2024 Applications Now Open

UNISA 2024 Applications Now Open. The University of South Africa (UNISA) is currently accepting applications for the 2024 academic year. Prospective students from South Africa and around the world have the opportunity to apply to study at the largest university in the country.

Undergraduate Qualifications

UNISA is still accepting applications for various Undergraduate qualifications, including Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Degree programs. However, it’s essential to note that only select programs are available, such as those in the following colleges:

  • College of Accounting Science Qualifications
  • College of Science, Engineering, and Technology Qualifications

The deadline for applications is 31 January.

Postgraduate Studies

Prospective students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies, including Honours Degrees and Post Diplomas, can also apply during this period, but only for selected qualifications.

UNISA Undergraduate Qualification Applications

Applications for admission to undergraduate qualifications for the 2024 academic year are open from 1 September 2023. Prospective students have until 31 January 2024 to submit their admission applications.

UNISA Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas

Applications for admission to Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas for the 2024 academic year are open from 1 September 2023 to 31 January 2024.

It is crucial to note that admission to a postgraduate qualification is not automatic and depends on meeting admission requirements and space availability.

UNISA 2024 Applications Guide

Required Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Certified copy of school results
  • Certified copy of any tertiary education academic records
  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Sworn translations for documents not in English or Afrikaans

Application Process

  1. Visit the UNISA website.
  2. Select “admissions” from the menu bar, then choose “apply for admission.”
  3. Choose “undergraduate admissions.”
  4. Click on “Start the process.”
  5. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  6. Fill in all relevant personal details and ensure all required documents are uploaded.

Master and Doctoral Qualifications

Applications for admission to master’s and doctoral qualifications at UNISA for the 2024 academic year are open, with the deadline on 31 January 2024.

UNISA Short Learning Programmes

Application and registration for UNISA’s Short Learning Programmes will be open from 10 January to 28 February 2024.

Applicants can also track the progress of their UNISA application.


Prospective students are encouraged to take advantage of the open application period and carefully follow the application process outlined by UNISA. Meeting the deadlines and providing all necessary documents is crucial for a successful application to the University of South Africa in 2024.

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