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Three States Offering Tax Refunds as Stimulus Checks This Fall



Three States Offering Tax Refunds as Stimulus Checks This Fall

Three States Offering Tax Refunds as Stimulus Checks This Fall. In the fall of 2023, three U.S. states are providing tax stimulus checks to eligible citizens. Although these payments aren’t technically the same as the federal stimulus checks, they serve a similar purpose, offering financial relief to those who qualify.


The federal stimulus checks were initially distributed as part of the American Rescue Plan. However, some states and organizations continue to refer to specific payments for financial assistance as stimulus checks, even if they are not officially classified as such.

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Three States Distributing Stimulus Checks

Before the end of the year, three states will issue stimulus checks with varying amounts based on individual circumstances, primarily dependent on taxpayers’ status.

Important Note: Eligibility for these stimulus checks hinges on taxpayers’ compliance with tax payments. Those who have paid their taxes on time are likely to receive these payments, while those with tax-related issues will not qualify.

States That Provide Stimulus Checks and Eligibility Criteria

Here is a breakdown of the three states distributing these stimulus checks and the eligibility requirements:


  • Amount: Alabama residents may receive either $150 or $300, depending on their filing status (single or couple).
  • Eligibility: The key factor for eligibility is the 2021 tax return. Those who filed their tax return for that year may be eligible for this payment.
  • Payment Type: This is a one-time payment, and it will be issued by November 30th. No action is required on the recipient’s part, as the payment will be sent directly.


  • Amount: Arizona residents with dependents at home can receive a stimulus check ranging from $250 to $750, depending on their specific situation.
  • Eligibility: Like Alabama, eligibility is based on 2021 tax returns. Those who filed their tax return and paid taxes as required may qualify.
  • Payment Type: The payment can be received via Direct Deposit or as a physical check sent to the recipient’s home address. The deadline for receiving this payment is before November 15th.


  • Amount: Virginians who paid their 2022 taxes may receive a $200 stimulus check. For joint tax returns (couples), the payment could be $400.
  • Eligibility: In addition to tax payment, several other requirements must be met to qualify for this one-time payment.
  • Payment Timeline: To receive this stimulus check, Virginians must have submitted their Tax Return by July 1st of the current year. However, there is still time to file taxes until November 1st.

These state-based stimulus checks offer a valuable financial boost to eligible individuals, and it’s essential for potential recipients to meet the specific criteria outlined by each state. If you don’t qualify now, keep in mind that such financial assistance programs frequently emerge throughout the year in various regions of the United States, offering potential relief in the future.

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