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There is a major problem with load shedding for Unisa exams at the moment



There is a major problem with load shedding for Unisa exams at the moment

There is a major problem with load shedding for Unisa exams at the moment.Load shedding poses a significant challenge for Unisa exams, with over 2000 hours of power cuts experienced in South Africa this year alone. Despite some reduction in severity, the lingering specter of blackouts remains a concern, particularly for students taking online exams.

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There is a major problem with load shedding for Unisa exams at the moment

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has observed an increasing frequency of load shedding by Eskom. This not only affects the entire nation but also has the potential to disrupt students’ performance in their crucial end-of-year examinations.

Unisa’s Preemptive Measures: Load Shedding Warning

Unisa has issued a proactive warning to its students about the looming possibility of load shedding during their upcoming exams. As a precautionary measure, students are advised to ensure their devices are fully charged and make contingency plans for alternative exam venues, aligning with their load shedding schedules.

Contingency Plans and Second Chances

Unisa has outlined a contingency plan for undergraduate students who are unable to complete their exams due to load shedding or connectivity issues. Those who use their first examination opportunity but face these challenges will automatically be granted a second chance. This second opportunity will be scheduled during the subsequent official examination period for the affected module.

Seeking Relief: Aegrotat Application

In cases where students face connectivity challenges or are affected by load shedding, they are encouraged to apply for an aegrotat. This applies not only to undergraduates but also to postgraduate students who encounter such challenges or are dealing with personal hardships like the loss of a loved one. Supporting documents, including affidavits, substantiate these applications.

Application Process: Unisa Examination Aegrotat

  1. Log in to myUnisa and navigate to myAdmin.
  2. Access the examination timetable under Assessment Admin.
  3. Review the Oct/Nov timetable by selecting “Display.”
  4. Click the “Apply for Aegrotat Examination” link and furnish the required information.
  5. Support your Aegrotat application with relevant supporting documents, including acceptable affidavits.

Postgraduate Deadline and Specifics

Postgraduate students seeking an aegrotat have a deadline of 10 days following the examination date to submit their applications. These aegrotat requests apply to postgraduates who have encountered irrecoverable incidents during their first examination opportunity’s Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) assessment. Contact [email protected] for further information.

Policy Note: No Third Examination Opportunities

It’s important to note that Unisa’s policy does not permit granting third examination opportunities to students who have missed previous exams.

Module-Specific Considerations

Unisa modules that involve portfolios, evidence-based assessments, continuous assessments, practical assessments, experiential assessments, or research reports do not offer a second examination opportunity, underscoring the university’s commitment to academic standards and evaluation integrity.

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