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The Best Way To Prepare For Mid-Year Unisa Exams



The Best Way To Prepare For Mid-Year Unisa Exams

Tertiary education institutions around South Africa will soon begin mid-year examinations. Students at the country’s largest university have been provided with a guide to help them succeed in their upcoming exams.

The Best Way To Prepare For Mid-Year Unisa Exams

In preparation for the upcoming mid-year examinations, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has advised students to familiarize themselves with its examination protocols and timetable.Depending on the module a student enrolls in, these protocols may differ.

  • May/June 2023 examination season will start soon. All the best with your assessment preparation

Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with their examination timetables ahead of the May/June examinations. They can then prepare their study schedules based on the dates of their examinations.

With the university’s examination timetable tool, students can view the examination dates for their models. To view their timetables, students must enter their module codes into the request and select “Display.”Students using the examination timetable tool are reminded that any invalid module codes will be ignored.Visit the myAdmin portal if you are enrolled in a module that requires assessments, such as continuous assessments, portfolios, and research reports, that are not listed in the examination schedule.

  • We wish all our students the best with your May/June 2023 assessment preparation

Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) is the mode of study at Unisa. Classes and examinations are conducted online. In preparation for the Unisa examinations, students should take several steps

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