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SSI, SSDI, Survivor Benefits, Retirement Benefits Schedule for December 2023



SSI, SSDI, Survivor Benefits, Retirement Benefits Schedule for December 2023

SSI, SSDI, Survivor Benefits, Retirement Benefits Schedule for December 2023. If you rely on Social Security benefit payments to meet your financial obligations and carry out your daily activities, it’s crucial to stay informed about when you can expect these payments.

This article provides comprehensive details about the Social Security payment schedule for December 2023, including dates for SSI, SSDI, Survivor Benefits, and Retirement Benefits.

Understanding the Social Security 2023 Payment Schedule

The Social Security Administration (SSA) disburses benefit payments monthly, utilizing a schedule based on beneficiaries’ birth dates. Knowing the payment schedule is essential for effective financial planning and avoiding potential challenges associated with late payments.

Social Security Dates Dec 2023 Overview

In December 2023, the SSA will conclude its monthly payments for the year. This section outlines the specific dates on which various Social Security benefits, including those for retired employees, survivors, and individuals receiving disability benefits, will be distributed.

Payment Dates for December 2023

Social Security benefits are typically distributed on the third, second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The specific payment date is determined by the beneficiary’s date of birth. Notably, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are made on the first of every month.

Social Security Payment Dates for December 2023

The following dates detail when different groups of beneficiaries can expect their Social Security payments in December 2023:

  • December 1: SSI beneficiaries and recipients who began receiving benefits before May 1997.
  • December 13: Recipients born between January 1 and December 10.
  • December 20: Recipients born between December 11 and December 20.
  • December 27: Recipients born between December 21 and December 31.
  • December 29: January 2024 payment to SSI recipients.

Two Social Security Checks in December

SSI recipients will receive two payments in December—on December 1st and December 29th. This unique circumstance is not due to inflation but is related to the government’s holiday distribution of funds.

What to Do If Your Payment Is Delayed

If your Social Security benefit payment is not received on the specified date, waiting a day or two is advisable, especially if your check is delivered by mail. However, immediate contact with the SSA is recommended if the delay persists. Direct Deposit users can reach the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) to report lost, stolen, or overdue payments.

Social Security December 2023 Payment Amount

The amount of the Social Security payment in December 2023 varies based on individual circumstances. The SSA considers factors such as the age of retired workers and adjusts benefits for the cost of living each year. The average monthly benefit for the Supplemental Security Income program is approximately USD 550.

For detailed information on specific payment amounts for different categories of beneficiaries, refer to the SSA’s guidelines. The agency reported an increase in median monthly payouts for retirees, with maximum payouts ranging from USD 2,572 to USD 4,555, depending on retirement age and fulfillment of job and income standards.


Staying informed about the December 2023 Social Security payment schedule is crucial for beneficiaries. Timely payments are essential for financial stability, and understanding the specific dates for various benefits ensures a smooth and secure financial transition into the new year.

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