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Social Security Retirement in the 15 Worst States



Social Security Retirement in the 15 Worst States

Social Security Retirement in the 15 Worst States. This article delves into the analysis of the 15 worst states for retirees relying on social security. Beyond a surface examination of the evolving trends in middle America, this report scrutinizes the impacts of Boomer moves and financial considerations on retirement choices.

Middle America Transformation

Middle America, characterized by households with incomes ranging from $45,000 to $145,000, has undergone substantial changes. A comprehensive study of 20 million tax returns reveals shifts in attitudes towards income, marriage, retirement ages, and the decision-making process for geographical relocations within this demographic.

Insights from H&R Block Analysis

H&R Block, Inc. (NYSE: HRB), in its latest Outlook on American Life report, conducted this analysis. The report highlights that a significant portion of baby boomers, earning predominantly under $80,000, often resides near the coast. Notably, only 50% of Baby Boomers are filing taxes jointly, marking a substantial decline over the past decade.

Boomer Migration Trends

In the wake of the pandemic, a noteworthy trend emerges: 7.9% more baby boomers express a desire to change states. This shift prompts an exploration of where these boomers are relocating and the factors driving their decisions.

Top Retirement Destinations

Florida claims the top spot as the number one retirement state for boomers, closely followed by Texas. The study identifies a growing preference for Arizona, North Carolina, and South Carolina among retirees. Factors such as tax advantages, a low cost of living, favorable weather, and amenities contribute to these choices.

Impact on Housing Market

The study emphasizes the dominance of baby boomers in the housing market. According to Redfin Corporation (NASDAQ: RDFN), baby boomers collectively own homes worth $18 trillion, making them a significant force in the real estate landscape.

Despite challenges in the housing market, boomers are staying in their homes longer and even increasing their real estate holdings.

Financial Challenges and Impact on Inventory

The report sheds light on the challenges faced by states like California and Hawaii, which have been deemed the hardest to live in financially. High mortgage rates and inventory shortages have resulted in population declines, with Los Angeles and San Diego losing residents and Hawaii experiencing a 6% population decrease during the pandemic.

Avoiding High-Cost Living in Retirement

Retirees with fixed incomes, particularly those relying on social security, are advised to steer clear of states with a high cost of living. To assist potential retirees in making informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 worst states to retire in, offering insights to help avoid financial challenges in the later stages of life.


Navigating retirement on social security requires careful consideration of geographic factors. The shifting trends in middle America, coupled with the preferences of baby boomers, underscore the importance of informed decisions to ensure a financially viable and fulfilling retirement.

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