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Social Security Cuts Finalized by Parliament Committee



Social Security Cuts Finalized by Parliament Committee

Social Security Cuts Finalized by Parliament Committee. The Social Affairs and Health Committee of the Finnish parliament has finalized its assessments regarding the government’s proposals to reduce unemployment and other social security benefits, as announced by Deputy Chairperson Mia Laiho (NCP).

Collaborative Progress Amidst Challenges

Laiho shared with YLE on Monday that despite the considerable effort invested, the committee successfully navigated through the deliberations in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Accusations and Concerns

Earlier, Committee Chairperson Krista Kiuru (SDP) and Laiho exchanged accusations of hindering committee progress through a continuous stream of amendment proposals.

In response, Laiho and three other ruling-party members expressed their concerns about the committee’s activities, particularly targeting Kiuru in a joint press release over the weekend.

Scrutiny of Government Historic Cuts

Kiuru defended the committee’s meticulous approach, stating that the government’s proposed “unforgettable and historic cuts” necessitate a careful examination of their potential impacts.

Opposition lawmakers echoed concerns, accusing the government of attempting to obscure the effects of spending cuts by omitting them from the committee statements.

Transparent Evaluation of Effects

Kiuru emphasized that the public has a right to know the tangible effects of these cuts on individuals, asserting, “These cuts will affect people, and people are sore about the effects. Of course, they want to know what the effects will mean.

” In response, Laiho reassured that the committee had thoroughly reviewed the effects, and they would be discussed in the final statement.

Chaotic Week and Disturbances

The committee’s recent activities were characterized by what was described as a chaotic week, including reports of heated moments during meetings. Helsingin Sanomat reported instances of ruling-party members marching out of a meeting, with sources citing yelling, accusations, inappropriate comments, and even crying.

Clarification and Denial

Addressing the reported disturbances, Kiuru acknowledged some disruptions, clarifying that she raised her voice to remind certain committee members of the code of conduct. She, however, denied crying or yelling during the meetings.

Defending Committee Chair

Kim Berg (SDP) defended Kiuru in a press release, suggesting that the ruling parties’ criticism aimed to divert public attention from the core issue—the social security cuts.

He argued that the accusations were an attempt to shift focus away from the government alleged efforts to conceal facts and emphasized the importance of scrutinizing the policies pursued by Orpo government.


The committee’s deliberations, though marked by challenges and accusations, have resulted in a comprehensive evaluation of the government’s proposed social security cuts. The final statement is expected to shed light on the potential impacts of these significant policy changes

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