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Social Security

Social Security Checks Earn $1,983 Extra Each



Social Security Checks Earn $1,983 Extra Each

Social Security Checks Earn $1,983 Extra Each. Social Security serves as a crucial income source for over 67 million older Americans, survivors, and disabled workers, primarily benefiting retired individuals. As of November 2023, the average retired worker receives $1,845 monthly, totaling $22,140 annually from Social Security.

Social Security Formula

To maximize Social Security benefits, it essential to comprehend the formula governing its calculations. The formula considers your earnings from every working year, indexed for inflation. The highest 35 inflation-adjusted years are averaged, yielding the Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME). AIME is then applied to a formula determining your initial Social Security benefit.

To achieve the maximum benefit, one must earn more than the annual Social Security taxable maximum in at least 35 separate calendar years.

The Impact of Timing on Benefits

While a high income in 35 different years can maximize the Social Security formula, the age at which benefits are claimed significantly influences the outcome. Full retirement age is 67 for those born in 1960 or later, allowing a window from age 62 to 67 for benefit initiation.

Claiming benefits at age 62, the earliest possible, results in a maximum of $2,572 per month — $12,660 less annually than the maximum possible benefit of $3,627 per month at full retirement age. Conversely, waiting until age 70 can yield a maximum benefit of $4,555 per month, an extra $1,983 per month compared to claiming at 62.

2024 Projections and Key Takeaways

For 2024, Social Security benefit figures are rising:

  • Maximum benefit at age 62: $2,710 per month ($32,520 per year).
  • Maximum at age 67: $3,911 per month ($46,932 per year).
  • Maximum possible benefit at age 70: $4,873 per month ($58,476 per year).

While not everyone maxes out taxable income annually, understanding the factors influencing Social Security benefits empowers informed decision-making. Seemingly small choices, such as claiming at age 68 instead of 67, can lead to $1,770 in additional annual retirement income.


In the realm of retirement income planning, strategic decisions regarding Social Security can significantly impact financial well-being. Exploring these strategies and understanding the nuances of the system can lead to substantial bonuses, ensuring a more confident and secure retirement. Click here to discover more about these Social Security secrets and potential strategies to boost your retirement income.

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