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Social Security Announces November Pensions with COLA Increase for Retirees at Age 67



Social Security Announces November Pensions with COLA Increase for Retirees at Age 67

Social Security Announces November Pensions with COLA Increase for Retirees at Age 67. Millions of U.S. retirees aged 67, who have chosen to enjoy their full retirement benefits, are eagerly anticipating their November pension disbursements from the Social Security Administration. Alongside this group, other retirees and individuals with disabilities will also receive their Social Security payments concurrently.

Important Payment Schedule for November

To ensure a seamless experience with your Social Security payments in November, please refer to the comprehensive payment schedule below. Understanding the information correctly is vital in confirming your payment from the Social Security Administration.

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The schedule for November payments is as follows:

  • November 8: The second Wednesday of the month, when payments are disbursed to individuals born between the 1st and 10th of the month. If your birthdate falls within this range, you can expect to find your payment in your bank account on this day.
  • November 15: The third Wednesday of the month, designated for beneficiaries born between the 11th and 20th of the month.
  • November 22: The fourth Wednesday of the month, serving as the final Social Security payment for the month of January. On this day, those born between the 21st and 31st of the month will receive their benefits.

Convenient Direct Deposit and Possible Payment Issues

Don’t forget that you can expedite access to your retirement funds from Social Security by activating Direct Deposit. Otherwise, it may take up to three days for the money to reach your account.

While the Social Security Administration is generally prompt in making payments, occasional delays or issues can arise. If your payment takes longer than three days to reach you after being dispatched by the SSA, you have the option to contact them to report the problem and claim your benefits.


Another course of action is to check with your bank to ensure there are no issues with your personal information that could be causing a delay. For instance, if you recently underwent a change in marital status, address, or other pertinent details without updating your bank, your payment might be held until they can verify your information.

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