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Scholarships Under the New Colombo Plan Will Allow UNISA Online Students to Immerse Themselves Overseas



Scholarships Under the New Colombo Plan Will Allow UNISA Online Students to Immerse Themselves Overseas

Scholarships Under the New Colombo Plan Will Allow UNISA Online Students to Immerse Themselves Overseas. In a significant achievement, four high-achieving students from the University of South Australia (UniSA) are poised to embark on enriching overseas experiences in 2024. This opportunity comes as a result of their recognition as recipients of the esteemed New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships.

Diverse Destinations and Immersive Experiences

The chosen students will be traveling to countries such as Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. This endeavor aligns with the Federal Government’s initiative to enhance Australia’s understanding and connections with the Indo-Pacific region through immersive undergraduate programs. During their time abroad, the students will not only engage in academic pursuits but will also partake in industry internships and language training.

Strengthening Australia Regional Relationships

These UniSA Online students, hailing from locations such as London, Brisbane, and regional Western Australia, will play a pivotal role in deepening Australia’s ties within the region. Their engagement at both individual and university network levels, especially in business and related fields, is expected to contribute significantly.

UniSA Unique Cohort and a Historic Achievement

This year’s UniSA NCP cohort stands out as all four recipients are UniSA Online students, marking a distinctive characteristic of geographical diversity. Notably, this group includes the first Aboriginal NCP Scholarship winner in UniSA’s history.

Spotlight on Morgan Budgeon – Paving the Way for Indigenous Scholars

Morgan Budgeon, a Kabi Kabi man pursuing a Bachelor of Construction Management, is the first Indigenous NCP scholar from UniSA. Morgan, with 15 years of construction industry experience, is set to study at Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. His goal is to enhance his industry expertise through an internship at a multinational construction or mining firm, hoping to inspire other Indigenous students to pursue similar opportunities.

Sarah Stone Aspirations in the Foreign Aid Sector

Sarah Stone, a former Lieutenant in the Australian Army and a Bachelor of Health Science student, aims to leverage her education at Taylors University in Malaysia. Her career aspirations in the foreign aid sector will be furthered through internships with humanitarian aid organizations in Cambodia.

Gabriele (Raine) Baljak Scientific Endeavors in Taiwan and Japan

Gabriele (Raine) Baljak, pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise), plans to study at National Taiwan University and undertake internships in Taiwan and Japan. Her focus on amalgamating traditional and modern approaches for tackling inflammatory conditions underscores her commitment to strengthening Australia’s diplomatic ties in the Indo-Pacific region.

Melissa Ellen Pursuit of Knowledge in Thailand

Melissa Ellen, a Bachelor of Psychology student, will embark on her NCP program in Thailand, known globally for its leadership in addiction treatment. Her academic and professional interest in addiction and rehabilitation will be enhanced through studying at Chulalongkorn University, providing valuable insights into Thailand’s unique approach to psychological treatment.

Congratulations and Best Wishes from the University

The University extends its heartfelt congratulations to the UniSA NCP Scholarship winners of 2024. The institution wishes them success and fulfillment as they embark on these life-changing experiences, contributing to both their personal growth and Australia’s connections in the Indo-Pacific region.


he UniSA Online students awarded the New Colombo Plan Scholarships exemplify academic excellence and cultural diversity. The University anticipates their overseas endeavors will not only enrich their individual experiences but also contribute significantly to Australia’s global engagement in the Indo-Pacific region.

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