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Pemda Bolmong Utara and Unisa Establish Collaboration for Integrated Alkhairaat Campus



Pemda Bolmong Utara and Unisa Establish Collaboration for Integrated Alkhairaat Campus

Pemda Bolmong Utara and Unisa Establish Collaboration for Integrated Alkhairaat Campus. He North Bolaang Mongondow Regional Government (Pemda Bolmong Utara) and Alkhairaat University (UNISA) have entered into a collaboration or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to advance education in the region earlier this week.

The strengthened collaboration is formalized through a mutually signed agreement witnessed by the Chief Executive of Alkhairaat, Habib Sayid Alwi bin Saggaf bin Muhammad Aljufri, the Chairman of the Alkhairaat Central Executive Board (PB), Habib Mohsen Alaydrus, the Secretary-General of PB Alkhairaat, H. Jamaudin Mariadjang, and the North Bolmong Regent, represented by the Secretary of North Bolmong, Yusnan Mokoginta.

Development of Alkhairaat UNISA Integrated Campus in North Bolmong Utara

The educational development in the North Bolmong Utara Regency, specifically centered in the Bintauna Village of North Sulawesi, involves the establishment of the Alkhairaat UNISA integrated campus on approximately 5 hectares of land.

Yusnan, the Secretary of North Bolmong Utara, stated that the Collaboration Agreement (PKS) with UNISA follows a prior meeting between the North Bolmong Utara Regent and the Chief Executive, Habib Alwi bin Saggaf Aljufri, in Palu.

The meeting focused on allocating land to Alkhairaat for the construction of the UNISA integrated education center.

Swift Action by UNISA Pemda Bolmong Utara to Support Education Infrastructure

Yusnan explained that the North Bolmong Utara Regency, particularly in the Bintauna Subdistrict and surrounding areas, has produced outstanding individuals with unquestionable capabilities.

Recognizing the high aspirations for education in the region, the local government acted swiftly, particularly with UNISA, to expedite the construction of the integrated educational campus on the allocated land.

“The mission of the North Bolmong Utara Regency is to build educational infrastructure. To have a good human resource in education, we need not only quality but also supported facilities; otherwise, it’s in vain,” stated the Secretary.

UNISA Commitment and Future Plans

Dr. Moh Yasin, the UNISA Rector, expressed the university’s commitment to follow through with the collaboration’s positive intentions. Additionally, future meetings are planned to strengthen the development plans for the integrated educational campus.

“Insha Allah, we are ready to follow through with this plan, and soon the UNISA campus will be in the North Bolmong Utara region,” said Yasin.

UNISA Alkhairaat Integrated Campus in Bintauna

The integrated campus in Bintauna, apart from the UNISA campus, will house other educational centers such as Alkhairaat Vocational School (SMK Alkhairaat), RA (Islamic Elementary School), MDA, and even up to the level of madrasah aliyah. During the visit, Alkhairaat’s leadership, including Habib Alwi, Habib Mohsen, and Secretary-General Jamaludin, inspected the planned construction site for the integrated campus.


The collaboration between Pemda Bolmong Utara and UNISA marks a significant step towards advancing education in North Bolmong Utara. The commitment to building an integrated campus reflects a shared dedication to fostering quality education and human resource development in the region.

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