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November 2023 Stimulus Checks: Anticipated Payments Before Black Friday



November 2023 Stimulus Checks: Anticipated Payments Before Black Friday

November 2023 Stimulus Checks: Anticipated Payments Before Black Friday. As of November 16, several stimulus payments, including the PFD payment in Alaska, have been disbursed. While some have already been distributed, there are additional payments expected to reach recipients before the arrival of Black Friday.

Virginia $400 Stimulus Checks: Eligibility and Distribution

The State of Virginia is set to deliver stimulus checks amounting to $400 via direct deposit in the coming days, with all transactions scheduled to conclude by November 30. Even for those who filed their taxes later than usual, there remains a chance of receiving the payment before the end of November.

Eligibility Criteria for Virginia’s Stimulus Checks

It is crucial to note that the stimulus check in Virginia, framed as a tax rebate, is exclusively available to taxpayers who had a tax liability in the previous year. Individuals who did not owe any taxes on their returns will not be eligible for this payment.

The maximum stimulus amount is $400, applicable to joint filers, while single taxpayers can expect up to $200. Notably, individuals owing money to the Virginia Taxation Department may receive a reduced payment.

Exclusions from Eligibility

Citizens receiving disability benefits, unemployment, or Social Security are ineligible for this stimulus check due to Virginia’s non-taxation of these sources, resulting in a lack of tax liability.

For those uncertain about their tax liability status, a rebate lookup tool is available to determine eligibility. Only individuals who filed their 2022 tax return by November 1, 2023, may qualify for this stimulus.

Paper Checks for Virginia’s Stimulus: Possibility and Distribution Details

Recipients in Virginia may receive their stimulus checks in paper form, especially if they received their 2022 tax refund in a similar manner. The Virginia Department of Taxation will accommodate recipients who closed their bank accounts by sending paper checks of up to $400.

Individuals who owe money may also receive a paper check for the remaining amount after settling their debts. On bank statements, the stimulus check will be denoted as “VA DEPT TAXATION VATREBATE.” Envelopes containing paper checks will bear the information “Commonwealth of Virginia” and “Department of Taxation.”

Other States Anticipating Payments

Aside from Virginia, the States of Washington and New Mexico are also expected to issue payments before Black Friday. However, the timing of these payments is contingent on the application submission date.


As November unfolds, various states, including Virginia, Washington, and New Mexico, are poised to distribute stimulus checks before Black Friday. Eligible recipients should stay informed and utilize available tools to ensure timely receipt of these anticipated payments.

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