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New Colombo Plan Scholarships Prepare UNISA Online Students for Overseas Immersion



New Colombo Plan Scholarships Prepare UNISA Online Students for Overseas Immersion

New Colombo Plan Scholarships Prepare UNISA Online Students for Overseas Immersion. In a significant achievement, four outstanding UniSA Online students have been selected as recipients of the prestigious New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships in the 2024 round. This initiative by the Federal Government aims to enhance Australia’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific region through immersive experiences for undergraduate students.

Diverse Destinations and Experiences Await

The chosen students will embark on transformative journeys to Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Their overseas experiences will involve studying at local universities, participating in industry internships, and undergoing language training, contributing to the overarching goals of the NCP.

Strengthening Australia Regional Connections

Beyond individual growth, these students will play a crucial role in deepening Australia’s relationships within the Indo-Pacific region. By expanding university networks in various sectors, including business, they contribute to the broader objectives of fostering stronger ties between Australia and its neighboring countries.

UniSA Unique Online Cohort Breaks Ground

A notable aspect of this year’s UniSA NCP cohort is the exclusive representation of UniSA Online students, hailing from locations such as London, Brisbane, and regional Western Australia. For these online students, the upcoming face-to-face experiences on Asian campuses are anticipated to be particularly impactful and memorable.

A Historic Milestone | UniSA First Aboriginal NCP Scholar

This year’s UniSA NCP cohort also marks a historic moment as Morgan Budgeon becomes the first Aboriginal NCP Scholarship winner from the university. As a Kabi Kabi man pursuing a Bachelor of Construction Management, Morgan will study at Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, contributing to Australia’s involvement in Malaysia’s mega-infrastructure projects.

Inspiring Future Generations

Morgan, with 15 years of construction industry experience, sees this opportunity as a logical step, providing valuable insights into international construction practices. He aspires to inspire other Indigenous students to pursue prestigious scholarships and become role models for future NCP rounds.

Varied Career Aspirations and Specializations

The diverse backgrounds and career aspirations of the UniSA NCP scholars highlight the program’s impact. Health Science student Sarah Stone, a former Australian Army Lieutenant, aims to strengthen health security in the Indo-Pacific through studies at Taylors University in Malaysia and internships in Cambodia.

Bridging Traditions and Modernity for Scientific Diplomacy

Gabriele (Raine) Baljak, a Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise) student, seeks to amalgamate traditions with modernity. Studying at National Taiwan University and undertaking internships in Taiwan and Japan, Raine aims to contribute to Australia diplomatic ties in the Indo-Pacific through advanced research in tackling inflammatory conditions.

Addiction and Rehabilitation Focus in Thailand

Psychology student Melissa Ellen will undertake her NCP program in Thailand, focusing on addiction and rehabilitation. Studying at Chulalongkorn University, she looks forward to gaining hands-on insight into inpatient recovery processes and applying this knowledge to her future practice as a clinical psychologist.


The New Colombo Plan Scholarships have opened doors for UniSA Online students, providing them with unparalleled opportunities for academic, professional, and personal growth. As these scholars embark on their overseas immersions, their experiences promise to contribute significantly to Australia engagement with the dynamic Indo-Pacific region.

The achievements of this cohort, including the historic first Aboriginal NCP scholar, exemplify the university’s commitment to diversity, excellence, and global connectivity.

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