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Minister Withdraws Notice of Appointment of Unisa Administrator



Minister Withdraws Notice of Appointment of Unisa Administrator

Minister Withdraws Notice of Appointment of Unisa Administrator. After facing numerous legal obstacles in the attempt to place the University of South Africa (Unisa) under administration, the Minister of Higher Education has decided to withdraw the notice announcing the appointment of an administrator for the institution.

Unisa Approval of Minister’s Decision

The largest university in South Africa, Unisa, has expressed its approval of the minister’s decision to withdraw the intent to place the university under administration. This development comes in the wake of multiple legal challenges and a recent ruling by the Pretoria High Court on October 6, 2023.

Unisa Withdrawal Follows Legal Setbacks

Last week, Minister Blade Nzimande retracted Government Notice No. 4015, which had initially announced the appointment of an administrator for Unisa. The university welcomed this decision, highlighting the importance of the courts and the rule of law. This move follows four consecutive court rulings in favor of Unisa, reinforcing its legal standing against the minister’s efforts to administer the institution.

Unisa Background on Legal Disputes

The legal dispute arose earlier in the year when Minister Nzimande announced the appointment of Professor Ihron Rensburg as Unisa’s Administrator. This decision was met with strong criticism from the university, particularly due to its timing during ongoing examinations for Unisa students. The court’s review of a report on the matter resulted in an agreement between the Minister and Unisa not to appoint an Administrator, which was later elevated to a court order.

Unisa Minister Concerns and Court Rejections

Expressing serious concerns about Unisa administration, governance, quality, and sustainability, Minister Nzimande cited reports by Professor Themba Mosia and the Ministerial Task Team.

Despite these concerns, the Pretoria High Court rejected the Minister’s application for leave to appeal in November. The court upheld Judge Harshila Kooverjie  decision, which prevented the placement of Unisa under administration and imposed costs on the Minister.

Unisa Commitment to Quality Education

Unisa remains dedicated to providing quality education and will navigate these legal challenges while upholding its status as South Africa’s largest university.


The Minister’s withdrawal of the notice to appoint an administrator at Unisa marks a significant moment following legal challenges. Unisa’s commitment to quality education prevails amid ongoing legal proceedings, reinforcing its status as South Africa’s largest university.

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