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Minister Frustration as Legal Action Saves Unisa from Administration



Minister Frustration as Legal Action Saves Unisa from Administration

Minister Frustration as Legal Action Saves Unisa from Administration. In a recent turn of events, the University of South Africa (Unisa), the largest university in South Africa, narrowly escaped being placed under administration. This situation has raised serious concerns for Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, who expressed his frustration over Unisa’s decision to pursue legal action to prevent administration.

Council Legal Action and Concerns

The Unisa council initiated legal proceedings to block the administration process following the alarming findings of two separate reports. One report was conducted by independent assessor Prof Themba Mosia, and the other by a ministerial task team. Both reports revealed significant allegations of financial mismanagement and maladministration within the university.

Unisa celebrated a High Court Order that temporarily halted Minister Nzimande administration plans, strongly contesting the credibility of the independent report and its findings.

Minister Frustration and Request for Court Hearing

Minister Nzimande’s frustration with the council’s legal action stems from his belief that they fail to grasp the gravity of the university’s issues. He emphasizes that the council had ample time to address the concerns raised in the reports but did not do so adequately. As a result, the minister is now pursuing a court hearing to determine Unisa’s future, which may involve the appointment of an administrator.

Concerns and Implications for Students

The prolonged delay in resolving this situation is causing unease among the student body, particularly the South African Students Congress (SASCO). They fear that this uncertainty may lead to anxiety and financial repercussions for students.

Administrator Role and Reassurance to Students

Minister Nzimande aims to reassure students that the department is acutely aware of their frustrations and is committed to swiftly progressing with the legal process. Students are encouraged to focus on their exam preparations and not be deterred by the ongoing situation.

Impact of Administrator Appointment at Unisa

Regarding the potential impact of the administrator’s appointment on classes and exams, Minister Nzimande clarifies that the administrator’s primary role will be to implement the recommendations outlined in the reports. This appointment is not anticipated to disrupt the day-to-day management of the institution or affect current planning processes. Instead, it seeks to bring stability to the university and address issues such as registration, exam scheduling, and management disputes.


The appointment of an administrator is viewed as a positive step toward resolving the university’s challenges rather than causing further disruptions, according to the higher education minister.

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