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Millions of Americans Set to Receive Up to $4,555: Social Security Confirmation



Millions of Americans Set to Receive Up to $4,555: Social Security Confirmation

Millions of Americans Set to Receive Up to $4,555: Social Security Confirmation. In a significant announcement, the Social Security Administration has confirmed that millions of U.S. retirees and individuals with disabilities are slated to receive their final payment of the year 2023, with amounts reaching up to $4,555.

2024 COLA to Boost Payments Anticipated Increase of 3.2%

Starting December 29, the implementation of the 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) will result in a 3.2% increase in all Social Security payments. This means beneficiaries, including those receiving SSI, SSDI, retirement, spousal, or survivor benefits, can expect a monthly boost in their financial support.

Who Qualifies for the $4,555 Payment This Month?

The upcoming Social Security payment on November 8 will exclusively benefit seniors who have filed and received benefits, with eligibility extending to those who filed not before May 1997. Additionally, individuals must meet the birth date requirement, specifically having birthdays between the 1st and 10th day of the month to qualify for the maximum payment of $4,555.

Average Payments and 2024 COLA Impact

While the maximum payment is set at $4,555, it’s crucial to note that the average Social Security payment is currently around $1,841 as of September 2023. With the anticipated 2024 COLA increase, the average payments are expected to rise to nearly $1,900, reflecting an approximate $58 increment.

Mark Your Calendar for Payment Dates

If your birthday falls between the 1st and 10th, you can anticipate receiving your retirement or SSDI check on December 13. For those with birthdays outside this range, payments of up to $4,555 will be distributed on December 20 or 27. If you find your payment insufficient, consider applying for SSI for additional support.


The upcoming Social Security payments bring welcome relief to millions of retirees and individuals with disabilities. With a maximum payout of $4,555 and the anticipated 2024 COLA boost, beneficiaries can look forward to improved financial support in the months ahead.

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