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Maximizing Your SSI Benefit: How to Secure a $1,371 Payment on December 1, 2023



Maximizing Your SSI Benefit: How to Secure a $1,371 Payment on December 1, 2023

Qualify for a Higher SSI Payment

Maximizing Your SSI Benefit: How to Secure a $1,371 Payment on December 1, 2023. Some United States citizens may be eligible for an increased SSI payment of up to $1,371, surpassing the standard $914 Social Security SSI check.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Explained

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are disbursed monthly to eligible United States citizens. Each month, individuals meeting the requirements can expect a payment, with the maximum being $914 for an individual.

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Unveiling the Opportunity for a Bigger Check

Certain Americans may access an enhanced SSI benefit, but specific conditions must be met. Without fulfilling these established criteria, it’s impossible to receive more than $914 when applying for individual SSI checks.

Maximizing Your Monthly SSI Check

To attain a monthly SSI payment exceeding $914, meeting specific requirements is vital. Just as there are prerequisites for applying for a monthly SSI check, fulfilling these conditions is crucial to secure a larger benefit.

Steps to Elevate Your SSI Benefit

If you aspire to receive a larger SSI check each month, carefully observe the requirements and visit the Social Security Administration if you meet the specified criteria.

Maintaining the Status Quo

If you don’t meet these conditions, don’t worry, as you will continue to receive your regular check. However, exceeding $914 per month won’t be possible until the 2024 COLA takes effect.

How to Attain an SSI Payment of $1,371 per Month

The key to securing a monthly SSI check exceeding $914 is to apply for a couple’s benefit. By opting for this option instead of an individual benefit, the check can reach a maximum of $1,371 in 2023.

Benefits of Automatic Increases

In 2024, this maximum will increase by 3.2% thanks to the COLA. The best part is that retirees already receiving this benefit will see this increase automatically, without any additional action required. This is a significant advantage as it provides a larger benefit to combat inflation.

Individual Benefit Limit

If you have an individual benefit, the check will remain at $914, which is the maximum benefit. You cannot exceed this amount, although the SSI amount you receive depends on your monthly income.

Meeting the SSI Requirements

Whether you apply for SSI as a couple or an individual, the eligibility requirements remain the same. You must be 65 years of age or older or have a disability. For couples, both individuals must meet these criteria.

Income and Resource Criteria

Additionally, having low monthly income and limited resources is a requirement. Failing to meet these criteria will make it impossible to receive this type of assistance. Fortunately, you can combine this payment with your monthly Social Security checks.

Payment Schedule

Remember that SSI payments are always made on the 1st of each month. In December, there will be two SSI checks due to a calendar irregularity. This means that the payment for January 1, 2024, will arrive on December 29, 2023.

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