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List of States Distributing Stimulus Checks



List of States Distributing Stimulus Checks

List of States Distributing Stimulus Checks. In various regions across the United States, stimulus checks are being distributed to eligible recipients. These payments aim to assist individuals and families with financial relief during challenging economic times.

Alabama: Relief Amidst Rising Costs

Alabama is among the states delivering stimulus checks. These payments can amount to $150 for a single qualifying individual or up to $300 for couples. To be eligible, you must have filed your 2021 tax return, a requirement that potentially covers around 2 million taxpayers in Alabama.

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One noteworthy aspect of these stimulus checks is their distribution through direct deposit. However, if the Department of Revenue (DOR) lacks your bank account information, they will send the check to your registered address.

The Purpose of Stimulus Checks in Alabama

The primary aim of these stimulus checks in Alabama is to provide financial relief to residents who have been grappling with soaring prices due to inflation. These checks are structured as a one-time tax credit, made possible by the surplus in the State’s Education Trust Fund and reduced grocery taxes.

Recipients meeting the eligibility criteria must wait until November 30th to access their benefits. Additionally, a reduction in sales tax has lowered it from 4% to 3%.

Arizona: A Scheduled Stimulus Distribution

In Arizona, eligible recipients can anticipate stimulus checks arriving on November 15, 2023. This distribution is exclusively for taxpayers in Arizona who have qualifying dependents.

The amounts of these checks in Arizona vary. If you have a dependent child under 17, you can receive up to $250, while a reduced check of $100 is available for children older than 17. A maximum of three dependents can be claimed, totaling up to $750 in potential benefits.

Virginia: Stimulus Opportunities

Virginia is another state offering the opportunity to access stimulus check payments. To qualify, you must have had a tax liability when you filed your 2022 tax return.

In Virginia, joint filers can receive up to $400, while eligible individuals may claim up to $200. If you’ve already filed your 2022 return, all that’s left is to await the arrival of your money.

Stimulus Check Distribution in Virginia

Depending on how you requested your tax return refund, you’ll either receive a paper check or have your rebate money deposited directly into your account.


Alaska will also distribute PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) money within two days.

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