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Learn About Social Security Online This New Year



Learn About Social Security Online This New Year

Learn About Social Security Online This New Year. As we step into the New Year, it’s time to explore the convenience and efficiency of managing your Social Security affairs online. With over 71 million lives touched by Social Security programs, ensuring easy access to critical benefits and services is our commitment.

Creating Your Personal my Social Security Account

Embark on your digital journey by creating a free and secure my Social Security account at This personalized portal offers a range of features tailored to meet your needs.

For Those Yet to Receive Benefits

If you are not currently receiving Social Security benefits, your my Social Security account empowers you to:

  • Obtain personalized retirement benefit estimates.
  • Access your Social Security Statement.
  • Estimate spouse’s benefits.
  • Obtain instant proof of non-receipt of benefits.

For Current Beneficiaries

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits, leverage your my Social Security account to:

  • Update your address (Social Security benefits only).
  • Manage or alter your direct deposit information (Social Security benefits only).
  • Obtain instant proof of benefits.
  • Print your SSA-1099.

Secure Communication via Message Center

Your my Social Security account comes with a secure Message Center. Opt to receive annual cost-of-living adjustments and Medicare income-related monthly adjustment amount notifications online. While online notices are available, you can choose to receive them by mail unless you opt-out.


This New Year, embrace the ease and accessibility of managing your Social Security affairs online. Whether you are yet to receive benefits or are already a beneficiary, the my Social Security account offers a streamlined and secure avenue for a variety of services. Start your journey today at and unlock the full potential of online Social Security access.

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