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It’s Time for Unisa Graduates to Collect Their Certificates



It’s Time for Unisa Graduates to Collect Their Certificates, and Here Is When and How You Can Do That

It’s Time for Unisa Graduates to Collect Their Certificates, and Here Is When and How You Can Do That.As the Spring 2023 graduation ceremonies at Unisa draw near, the institution has laid out a comprehensive plan for students to collect their certificates. This guide delves into the collection process, provisions for absentees during the graduation, and essential steps for certificate retrieval.

It’s Time for Unisa Graduates to Collect Their Certificates, and Here Is When and How You Can Do That

Unisa has proactively informed students eligible for certificate collection in light of the forthcoming graduation ceremonies. It’s important to note that students who will be graduating but cannot attend the ceremonies will not collect their certificates during the event. However, they will be informed about the collection process subsequently.

September/October 2023 Certificate Collection Process

For students set to receive their qualifications in September/October 2023, Unisa has devised a systematic collection procedure:

  • Certificates will be distributed during the graduation ceremonies and on specific dates communicated through SMS.
  • Unisa’s graduation website hosts a link enabling students to select their preferred collection date and location, ensuring a smooth scheduling experience.
  • Students are advised to accurately select their collection date and venue to avoid complications. If a student misses their scheduled collection, the certificate will be returned to Pretoria for safekeeping.

Documents Required for Collection

To maintain the integrity of the collection process, students must present:

  • A valid ID, passport, or driver’s licence.

Proxy Collection Provisions

For students unable to personally collect their certificates, Unisa allows for proxy collection with the following prerequisites:

  • A consent letter penned and signed by the student, detailing contact information and the ID number (for RSA students) or passport number (for international students) of the proxy.
  • Certified copies of identification (ID/passport/licence) for both the student and the proxy.

Scheduled Collection Dates Across Campuses

Unisa has set specific collection dates across its various campuses to cater to students’ convenience:

  • Pretoria Muckleneuk Campus: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 15:00
  • Mbombela, Bloemfontein, & Polokwane: 08 and 09 September, 08:00 to 15:00
  • Cape Town, Durban, & East London: 15 and 16 September, 08:00 to 15:00

Students are encouraged to adhere to these schedules and ensure they have all the necessary documents for a seamless collection experience.

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