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IRS Releases Form W-4R for 2024 Distributions and Withholdings



IRS Releases Form W-4R for 2024 Distributions and Withholdings

IRS Releases Form W-4R for 2024 Distributions and Withholdings. On December 12, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unveiled the 2024 version of Form W-4R, a pivotal document for individuals receiving IRA distributions. This form brings noteworthy alterations to the federal income tax withholding process, impacting both IRA recipients and custodians.

Annual Revision and Marginal Rate Tables

  1. Annual Revision: Form W-4R will undergo yearly updates, integrating Marginal Rate Tables subject to annual adjustments. This ensures that withholding guidelines remain current for IRA recipients, custodians, and trustees.
  2. Withholding Election Flexibility: Recipients now have the liberty to choose any percentage (from zero to 100 percent in whole numbers) of a taxable IRA distribution for withholding and subsequent remittance to the IRS. This departure from previous limitations provides greater flexibility.
  3. Default Withholding Rate: In the absence of a specific election, the default withholding rate stands at 10 percent of an IRA distribution. This is crucial information for recipients who haven’t made a withholding election.

Background and Transition from Form W-4P

Before the introduction of Form W-4R, Form W-4P was used for federal income tax withholding elections related to IRA distributions. However, the new form now serves this purpose for taxable nonperiodic payments, encompassing various IRA distributions.

Wolters Kluwer Forms Users

Users of Wolters Kluwer forms, specifically Form IRA-W-4R-LAZ, gain access to the updated W-4R. While not included in traditional IRA distribution forms, Wolters Kluwer ensures convenient access for custodians and trustees due to its denser content and annual updates.

Annual Withholding Notification Requirement

The responsibility for the annual withholding notification remains unchanged for IRA custodians and trustees. This is particularly pertinent for IRA owners and beneficiaries receiving scheduled automatic distributions. The annual notice serves as a reminder to review and update withholding elections on Form W-4R.

Annual Deadline for Form W-4R Usage

Revised and posted annually by the IRS, the updated Form W-4R should be provided starting January 1. This ensures the most accurate information for IRA owners to determine their withholding preferences.


The 2024 Form W-4R plays a crucial role in managing federal income tax withholding for IRA distributions. With its annual updates and increased flexibility, it empowers IRA holders to tailor their withholding preferences more precisely. As custodians and trustees adapt to this new form, staying aware of yearly revisions is essential for compliance and accuracy in withholding practices.

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