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Important Announcement From Social Security Corporation



Important Announcement From Social Security Corporation

Important Announcement From Social Security Corporation. The Social Security Corporation (SSC) has issued a significant announcement, urging all employees in both public and private sectors engaged in hazardous occupations and contemplating early retirement benefits to meticulously verify the accuracy of their job classification.

Confirmation Before Resignation

The SSC emphasizes the critical importance of refraining from submitting a resignation letter until individuals have confirmed that their occupation aligns with the criteria for hazardous professions. This includes verifying their subscription periods.

Verification Process

Individuals working in occupations covered by the hazardous professions law are requested to visit the relevant Social Security branches affiliated with their workplaces. During this visit, they are required to provide detailed job titles and descriptions to confirm their classification.

Protection Measure

In a Sunday statement, the SSC clarified that this measure is implemented to safeguard workers from potential job loss after resignation if it does not meet the conditions outlined in the hazardous professions law for obtaining early retirement benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

The Social Security Law designates occupations officially recognized as hazardous as eligible for early retirement benefits. To qualify, insured individuals must be at least 45 years old and have a subscription period of no less than 216 monthly subscriptions for males and 180 for females.

Establishment Contribution

It is also a requirement that the establishment in which the individual works contributes 1% of their salary, in addition to insurance contributions. This contribution must be maintained for a period of no less than 60 months during the last ten years preceding entitlement to early retirement benefits.

Accessing Information

Interested individuals can review the list of hazardous professions approved by the SSC on its official website. The SSC encourages those seeking information to stay updated by visiting

Implementation of Safety Standards

The statement concludes by underlining that these steps are integral to the implementation of occupational safety and health conditions. This ensures that eligible workers can confidently exercise their rights to early retirement benefits.


The Social Security Corporation’s proactive measures ensure clarity for employees contemplating early retirement. By emphasizing verification and adherence to eligibility criteria, the SSC safeguards workers’ rights, fostering a secure transition into retirement within the framework of occupational safety and health.

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