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How to Request Academic Records from UNISA



How to Request Academic Records from UNISA

How to Request Academic Records from UNISA. Academic records, essential for referencing, research, and proof, hold paramount significance in the educational realm. When discussing academic records, we delve into the grading and achievements of students within an institution’s academic scope.

The Value of Academic Records

Beyond their documentary worth, academic records serve as foundational elements in various fields, ensuring operational efficiency in businesses and preserving historical knowledge. At the University of South Africa (UNISA), these records are integral components of students’ documentation, acting as tangible proof of academic accomplishments.

Understanding Academic Records

An academic record is a comprehensive document detailing a student’s coursework and corresponding results. Accessing these records is pivotal for students at UNISA, and the institution offers multiple channels for convenient retrieval.

Accessing Academic Records at UNISA

UNISA has meticulously designed channels, prioritizing convenience and accessibility for students to obtain their academic records. The myUNISA platform stands out as a primary channel, providing a streamlined process for students to monitor their progress and make informed decisions about their academic pursuits.

Requesting Your Academic Record

Requesting academic records at UNISA requires a personalized approach. It is essential to understand the confidentiality involved. Students can request their records by logging into their UNISA accounts, navigating to Academic Records, selecting the desired code, and confirming details. The record will be subsequently emailed to their student email.

Locating Your Academic Record

Academic records at UNISA are confidential and are not printed. Instead, they are stored electronically and generated upon request. Students can find their academic records in the UNISA student account portal, accessible upon request and typically emailed to their MyLife student email.

Academic Enquiries at UNISA

For any academic concerns, UNISA offers a range of support centers and contact points. Given the institution’s size, accessing in-person support may be challenging, making these channels crucial. Students can contact the student helpline, academic dean’s office, SRC, and their department for efficient resolution of academic queries.

Academic Record vs. Transcript

While academic records and transcripts are often used interchangeably, there are subtle distinctions. Academic records provide a detailed overview of a student’s educational journey, including grades, courses, and credits, while transcripts offer a condensed summary primarily requested for external purposes like job applications or graduate programs.


Understanding how to request academic records from UNISA is fundamental for students. Navigating the process through proper channels ensures efficient access to vital documentation, facilitating academic progress and future endeavors.

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