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How to Get Your UNISA Student Card



How to Get Your UNISA Student Card

How to Get Your UNISA Student Card. The University of South Africa (UNISA) has embraced modernization and digitization through the implementation of a smart student card. This multi-functional card not only serves as an identification tool but also streamlines administrative processes, enhancing the overall student experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on obtaining your UNISA student card, its significance, and related information.

The Significance of the UNISA Student Card

The UNISA student card plays a pivotal role in secure identification and facilitates seamless access to various campus facilities, including libraries and exam halls. Moreover, it functions as a versatile digital wallet for cashless transactions on and off campus and integrates seamlessly with UNISA’s e-learning platform, providing access to course materials and academic progress tracking.

Obtaining Your UNISA Student Card

  1. Course Registration: Confirm your admission to UNISA and proceed to register for your courses and modules. The student number provided during application is essential for creating your student card.
  2. Receiving the Paper Student Card: Upon successful registration, a paper student card is provided as part of the first study pack for the academic year. This card serves as confirmation of your UNISA student status and grants access to examinations when presented with your ID or passport.
  3. Lost Student Card: In case of misplacement, request a replacement by sending an email to [email protected].

Understanding the Cost of the UNISA Access Card

The UNISA student access card, often misconceived as free, is a vital tool priced at R75. While an affordable investment, it unlocks a myriad of resources and services, granting students access to research materials, study areas, and educational support services.

Importance of the Student Card

The UNISA student ID card serves multiple crucial purposes:

  • Identification: Confirms a student’s affiliation with UNISA.
  • Library Access: Enables students to utilize the university library for research materials.
  • Resource Utilization: Allows convenient use of printers, scanners, and photocopiers for coursework and assignments.

Exam Requirements | UNISA Student Card

To take exams at UNISA, possessing a student card is mandatory. No student is allowed to enter the exam venue without a UNISA student card and a valid ID document, such as a South African ID, driver’s license, passport, or refugee status document.

When to Expect Your Student Card

Upon completing registration, students receive a paper student card during orientation. There’s no need for a new application, as the card will be posted in your mailbox when the academic calendar commences.


Obtaining and utilizing your UNISA student card is a key step in maximizing your university experience. Beyond identification, this card opens doors to academic resources, facilities, and streamlined administrative processes, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching educational journey at UNISA.

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