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How To Apply For Marking Jobs At UNISA



How To Apply For Marking Jobs At UNISA

How To Apply For Marking Jobs At UNISA. Becoming a marker at the University of South Africa (UNISA) is a rewarding opportunity that offers both financial benefits and personal growth. This guide will walk you through the process of applying for marking jobs at UNISA, highlighting the requirements, responsibilities, and remuneration associated with these positions. Additionally, we’ll explore related opportunities such as becoming a teaching assistant or a tutor at UNISA.

Requirements and Responsibilities of Markers at UNISA

To become a marker at UNISA, candidates must possess certain qualities such as competence, trustworthiness, diligence, and ethical conduct. Markers play a crucial role in maintaining the academic standards of the institution by accurately assessing student examinations. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Understanding the duties and expectations associated with the position.
  2. Demonstrating relevant experience in marking or related fields.
  3. Submitting required documents, including a motivational letter, highest qualification, and curriculum vitae.

Compensation for Markers in South Africa

Marking jobs in South Africa offer competitive compensation packages. The average pay for markers at UNISA typically ranges from R 12,000 to R 19,000 per month, with additional opportunities for hourly rates ranging from R 700 to R 1200. Factors influencing pay include experience, qualifications, and negotiation skills. Despite the workload, the financial rewards make marking jobs an attractive option for many individuals.

How To Apply For Marking Jobs At UNISA

Teaching assistant positions at UNISA provide valuable experience for those interested in pursuing careers in academia. To become a teaching assistant, candidates should:

  1. Demonstrate a strong interest and proficiency in their respective field of study.
  2. Possess relevant qualifications and skills necessary for assisting faculty members.
  3. Submit applications to UNISA, showcasing their academic achievements and teaching capabilities.

Steps to Become a Tutor at UNISA

Becoming a tutor at UNISA requires a combination of academic qualifications and expertise in a particular subject area. Here’s how you can become a tutor:

  1. Obtain advanced qualifications such as a master’s or doctorate degree.
  2. Showcase expertise and teaching abilities during the interview process.
  3. Prepare necessary documentation including CV, certificates, and a letter of motivation for submission to UNISA authorities.


Pursuing marking jobs, teaching assistantships, or tutoring positions at UNISA offers numerous benefits including personal and professional growth opportunities. By following the outlined steps and meeting the necessary requirements, individuals can embark on a fulfilling career path within the academic realm of UNISA. Whether you aspire to be a marker, teaching assistant, or tutor, UNISA provides a platform for individuals to contribute to the educational landscape while enhancing their own skills and knowledge.

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