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How to Apply For Aegrotat Special Exams At UNISA



How to Apply For Aegrotat Special Exams At UNISA

How to Apply For Aegrotat Special Exams At UNISA. Embarking on your academic journey at the University of South Africa (UNISA) can be both exciting and challenging. As a UNISA student, you may encounter unique terms and processes, particularly regarding special examinations like Aegrotat exams. This guide aims to demystify the Aegrotat exam process, providing insights into what it entails and guiding you through the application procedure.

What is an Aegrotat Test?

An Aegrotat Examination is a specialized test designed for students facing exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness, preventing them from preparing for or taking the main exam during the designated period. This examination ensures that students facing challenges have a fair opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.

Requirements for Aegrotat Exams

The requirements for Aegrotat exams vary based on individual circumstances. Typically, students need to provide medical documentation or other evidence supporting their exceptional situation. UNISA collaborates closely with students to create a fair and supportive testing environment, ensuring academic integrity and fairness for all.

How to Apply for Aegrotat Special Exams at UNISA

Application Process

The application process for Aegrotat exams at UNISA is designed to be user-friendly. To begin, ensure you have all necessary supporting documentation, such as medical certificates. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your UNISA portal.
  2. Navigate to the examination timetable.
  3. Download and complete the Aegrotat form.
  4. Attach all supporting documents to the filled form.
  5. Email the completed form and documents to [email protected], with your student number and “Aegrotat exams application” in the subject line.

Application Deadline

It is crucial to submit your Aegrotat exam application within 10 days of missing the original exam. Include a medical certificate clearly stating the missed exam date and ensure you have the exam fee of R300 ready for payment.

Cost of Aegrotat Exams at UNISA

For the 2024 academic year, the cost of an Aegrotat exam at UNISA is R300 per paper. Students applying for Aegrotat exams are required to pay this fee for each exam they wish to write.

What Happens If You Miss an Aegrotat Exam?

Missing an Aegrotat exam at UNISA can have consequences. According to UNISA policy, if a student misses the exam, they must rewrite it in the next academic year. Grades are forfeited, and any fees paid for the Aegrotat exams are lost.


Navigating the Aegrotat exam process at UNISA may seem daunting, but with the right information and timely actions, you can overcome unexpected challenges. Remember to adhere to deadlines, gather required documentation, and utilize the user-friendly application process to ensure a fair chance to showcase your knowledge and abilities.

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