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How Much Will the Texas Government Send Before the Month Is Out



How Much Will the Texas Government Send Before the Month Is Out

How Much Will the Texas Government Send Before the Month Is Out. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has clarified that, for the 2024 tax year, the majority of state stimulus payments won’t be subject to federal taxation. However, exceptions may exist, especially for itemized deductions. Seeking guidance from a tax professional before filing is recommended.

State Financial Relief Trends Continuing into 2024

Despite the conclusion of federal stimulus checks a couple of years ago, over 20 states provided financial relief in the form of tax rebate checks or inflation relief payments last year. This trend continues into 2024, with some states still extending rebates to qualifying residents.

Important IRS Information on State Rebate Payments

The IRS has released crucial information regarding special state rebate payments received last year. Individuals who treated these payments as taxable income may have overpaid taxes, highlighting the importance of considering an amended tax return.

Filing Considerations for 2024 Federal Returns

For those yet to file their 2024 federal return, it’s essential to determine whether their state’s stimulus payment is taxable or should be reported as income.

Texas Stimulus Checks: Criteria, Amounts, and Delivery Timelines

In Texas, eligibility criteria, payment amounts, and delivery timelines for this year’s state payments vary. Texas issues annuity payments based on the Teacher Retirement System (TRS).

Annuity Payments in Texas

For the months of july and December 2024, Texas has set specific dates for issuing annuities, either through paper checks or direct deposits. Beneficiaries are encouraged to opt for direct deposit for faster access.

Direct Deposit Process

Individuals in Texas can sign up for direct deposit through their MyTRS account. It is crucial to exercise caution during data entry. The TRS advises allowing five working days for mail delivery if receiving a paper check. In case of issues, individuals can contact the TRS helpline.

Specifics of Texas Annuity Payments

In Texas, annuity payments based on the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) are issued every month on the last business day. Paper checks for july 2024 will be sent via mail on july 29, 2024, with deposits directed to accounts by july 30, 2024. Similarly, for December 2024, checks will be sent via mail on December 28, 2024, and deposits will be made available to accounts by December 29, 2024.


Staying informed about the tax implications and specific details of state stimulus payments is crucial for financial planning. For Texas residents, timely action, such as opting for direct deposit, ensures swift access to the anticipated annuity payments.

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