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How Many Credits Do You Need to Pass Unisa?



How Many Credits Do You Need to Pass Unisa?

How Many Credits Do You Need to Pass Unisa? The University of South Africa (UNISA) utilizes a credit system to determine the progression of students in their academic qualifications. The number of credits required varies based on the program of study. This article provides insights into the credit requirements at UNISA, considerations when choosing modules, and details about specific programs.

Credit Requirements for Progression

Each module at UNISA is equivalent to 12 credits. The credit requirements depend on the academic year and program of study.

First Year Progression

In the first academic year, students must pass at least 36 credits (three modules with 12 credits each) to proceed to the second year. Alternate pathways exist, requiring a minimum of 24 credits (two modules) for progression.

Subsequent Years

Students in their second and subsequent years need to pass at least 48 credits (four modules) annually. The structured UNISA qualifications aim to guide students in meeting credit requirements for timely graduation.

Maximum Modules per Semester

To ensure effective study and understanding, UNISA imposes limits on the maximum number of modules a student can register for per semester. The caps are as follows:

  • At least 60 NQF credits (five modules with 12 credits each) per semester.
  • At least 120 NQF credits (10 modules with 12 credits each) per year.

Even if students believe they can handle more, the registration department enforces these limits.

Understanding a Pass at UNISA

UNISA assesses students through assignments, tests, and examinations. To pass, students must obtain an average mark of 50%. While higher scores are commendable, a pass (50%) is sufficient for graduation.

Credit Requirements for a Teaching Degree at UNISA

A Bachelor of Education (BEd) at UNISA is a comprehensive program for teaching grades 7 to 10. It consists of 480 credits (40 modules), demanding a substantial time commitment. The program covers various subjects and prepares educators for diverse teaching environments.

Guidelines for Module Passing per Semester

In the first year, students are expected to pass one module (12 credits) in the first semester and two modules (24 credits) in the second semester. Subsequent years require passing 48 credits (four modules), distributed between the two semesters.

Yearly Credit Requirements

In the first year, passing a minimum of 36 credits (three modules) is necessary, with the option to take up to 60 credits. In subsequent years, passing 48 credits (four modules) annually is required, with a maximum of 120 credits (10 modules) allowed.


Enrolling at UNISA requires a clear understanding of credit requirements. Whether pursuing a teaching degree or another qualification, meeting these credit thresholds is crucial for successful academic progression. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with specific program requirements and adhere to UNISA’s guidelines for a seamless educational journey.

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