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How Do I Contact UNISA For International Students?



How Do I Contact UNISA For International Students?

How Do I Contact UNISA For International Students?As an international student considering furthering your education, contacting universities is often the first step in the journey. When it comes to the University of South Africa (UNISA), a prestigious institution renowned for its distance learning programs, knowing how to reach out efficiently is crucial.

How Do I Contact UNISA For International Students?

The primary point of contact for international students seeking information on undergraduate programs is the email address [email protected]. This email serves as a direct line of communication, facilitating queries related to admissions, program specifics, entry requirements, and any other pertinent information prospective students may require.

Understanding the Process

Navigating through the intricacies of contacting UNISA can be daunting, especially for international students. However, the university has streamlined the process to ensure accessibility for all prospective learners. For undergraduate inquiries regarding higher certificates, diplomas, and degrees, the designated channel is via email.

Crafting Your Email

When reaching out to UNISA via [email protected], it’s essential to craft your email thoughtfully. Begin with a polite greeting, followed by a concise yet comprehensive overview of your inquiry. Be sure to include specific details such as your intended program of study, academic background, and any questions or concerns you may have. Clear communication enhances the efficiency of the process, ensuring a prompt and informative response from the university.

Key Points To Include

  1. Program of Interest: Clearly state the undergraduate program you are interested in pursuing at UNISA.
  2. Academic Background: Provide a brief summary of your academic qualifications, including any relevant certifications or diplomas.
  3. Specific Inquiries: Outline any questions or concerns you have regarding the program, admissions criteria, or application process.
  4. Contact Information: Ensure that your email includes accurate contact information to facilitate further communication.

Expectations And Response Time

While UNISA strives to address inquiries in a timely manner, it’s essential to manage expectations regarding response times. Typically, the university endeavors to respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe, acknowledging the receipt of your inquiry and providing guidance or clarification as needed.


Contacting UNISA as an international student may seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a straightforward process. By utilizing the designated email address [email protected] and adhering to the outlined guidelines, prospective learners can effectively communicate their inquiries and receive the information they need to embark on their academic journey with confidence.

Whether you’re seeking clarification on program details or guidance on the application process, UNISA is committed to assisting international students every step of the way.

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