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Honours and Postgraduate Bursaries at UNISA



Honours and Postgraduate Bursaries at UNISA

Honours and Postgraduate Bursaries at UNISA. The University of South Africa (UNISA), boasting a student population exceeding 400,000, stands as one of the nation’s largest and premier educational institutions. Offering academic excellence both locally and internationally, UNISA plays a pivotal role in providing quality education to the public.

Bursary Programs Overview

UNISA extends financial support to dedicated and industrious postgraduate students through its Postgraduate Diploma and Honours bursaries. These programs are instrumental in assisting students in need of financial aid to successfully complete their advanced studies.

Application Period

Prospective applicants can submit their applications for the UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours bursaries from January 4, 2021, to March 31, 2021.

Eligibility and Selection Process

  • The bursaries are open to all South African students pursuing postgraduate diplomas or honours degrees in any field.
  • Awards are contingent upon the availability of funding, meeting eligibility criteria, and demonstrating academic prowess.
  • A selection committee evaluates applications and determines the allocation of tuition fees to successful candidates.
  • Students are expected to complete their qualifications within a stipulated three-year period.
  • Bursary renewals are subject to adherence to conditions specified by the Postgraduate Bursaries Administration Office.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tuition fees for the first two years of the degree are covered by the UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours bursaries.
  • Exclusions include failed past modules, non-compliance with conditions, study cancellations, special study programs, and applicants holding a postgraduate or higher-level degree.
  • Failure to complete the three-year postgraduate qualification or re-register for the second year results in bursary cancellation. Reimbursement of all funds disbursed by the bursar is mandatory.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours bursaries, applicants must:

  • Be South African citizens.
  • Have completed an undergraduate course.
  • Maintain an average grade of 60% or above.
  • Be registered for the postgraduate course.

Application Process

  • Applications are exclusively accepted online through UNISA student portal.
  • Registration on the student portal is the initial step.
  • Submission of required documents, including a certified copy of the ID document, proof of registration, and an academic record, is mandatory.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered during the selection process.


UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours bursaries offer vital financial aid to dedicated South African students. With a commitment to academic excellence, these programs empower individuals to pursue advanced studies, contributing to personal growth and the nation’s intellectual capital.

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