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Hands off Social Security and Medicare, House GOP!



Hands off Social Security and Medicare, House GOP!

Hands off Social Security and Medicare, House GOP. In recent weeks, House Speaker Mike Johnson has reignited discussions around Social Security and Medicare, proposing a commission reminiscent of the controversial Bowles-Simpson Commission. As concerns mount, it is crucial to scrutinize the potential implications of such a move.

The Historical Context Bowles-Simpson Revisited

Over a decade ago, the Bowles-Simpson Commission sought to make significant cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Now, Speaker Johnson is resurrecting this approach, advocating for a new commission with the power to slash the entire federal budget, including Social Security.

Questionable Motives Rhetoric vs. Reality

Despite claims of addressing the deficit, critics argue that this commission is political posturing rather than a genuine attempt at fiscal responsibility. The exclusion of Social Security from the federal budget and its self-funded nature challenge the necessity of such drastic measures.

The White House and Public Outcry A ‘Death Panel’ for Social Security?

The White House, AARP, AFL-CIO, Strengthen Social Security Coalition, National Organization for Women, and over 100 organizations denounce the commission as a potential ‘death panel’ for Social Security. Speaker Johnson’s willingness to entertain proposals right after the 2024 election raises concerns about accountability.

Repeating History Lessons from Bowles-Simpson

Drawing parallels with the failed attempts of Bowles-Simpson, it becomes evident that a fiscal commission might be more about political maneuvering than a genuine effort to address the deficit. Senator Max Baucus’s warning about a “Social Security-cutting machine” resonates in the current context.

The Democrat Stance Transparency and Solutions

In contrast, Democrats advocate for transparency and offer solutions to preserve Social Security. President Joe Biden’s commitment to protecting and expanding Social Security aligns with legislation introduced by members of Congress. The emphasis is on long-term balance without compromising benefits.

A Call for Republican Accountability Open Proposals for Social Security

Critics argue that if Republicans were truly serious about deficit reduction, they should utilize existing processes, such as reconciliation, and focus on ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share. Democrats invite Republicans to openly present their proposals, fostering a democratic debate on the future of Social Security.


As discussions unfold within the House Budget Committee, the spotlight is on the potential impact on hard-working Americans dependent on Social Security. The call for transparency, accountability, and open dialogue becomes increasingly vital to ensure the preservation of this essential program. Democrats stand ready to engage in a constructive debate, inviting Republicans to join in addressing the deficit while safeguarding the future of Social Security.

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