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Fourth Stimulus Checks December 2023 | Will the IRS Send Them?



Fourth Stimulus Checks December 2023 | Will the IRS Send Them?

Fourth Stimulus Checks December 2023 | Will the IRS Send Them? In March of the previous year, the third stimulus check was distributed to provide financial assistance to Americans. The burning question now is whether there will be a fourth stimulus check in December 2023. This article clarifies the situation, emphasizing that the upcoming stimulus checks will be exclusive to residents of specific US states. 

Targeted Approach for December 2023 Stimulus Checks

The fourth round of stimulus checks aims to be more targeted than previous relief efforts, reflecting a strategic approach to combatting inflation while assisting Americans in the face of rising prices.

Previous Relief Measures

The American Rescue Plan implemented various relief measures, including monthly advance child tax credit payments for qualifying families and tax waivers on the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits earned in 2020. These efforts were crucial in alleviating financial burdens during the pandemic.

Public Interest in Fourth Stimulus Checks

Public interest in the possibility of a fourth stimulus check is evident in the high number of searches on Google. Many individuals are eager to know whether the IRS will be sending out additional stimulus payments in 2023.

Current Status of Fourth Stimulus Checks

As of now, there is no ongoing debate or confirmation regarding a fourth direct payment stimulus check. The focus is on evaluating the extension of the monthly advance child tax credit, which was increased under pandemic-related stimulus measures.

The Legislative Process for Stimulus Checks

The distribution of previous stimulus checks was a result of congressional approval and presidential signatures. While the IRS is distributing stimulus checks to residents in certain states, there is no official mention of a fourth stimulus payment on the Treasury Department website.

How to Claim Missing Stimulus Checks

For those who have not received one or more stimulus payments, the IRS advises filing a tax return for 2020, 2021, or both. Eligibility for missing stimulus payments can be claimed through the Recovery Rebate Credit, with deadlines varying for different tax years.


While the possibility of fourth stimulus checks exists, it is contingent on legislative action, with Congress needing to approve the payment and the President signing it into law. As of now, the focus remains on evaluating existing relief measures and ensuring that those who missed previous payments can claim them through the appropriate channels. Stay informed by checking for the latest updates on the potential distribution of fourth stimulus checks in December 2023.

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